Sunday, September 07, 2008

Report from eating at a very tempting place

I didn't do too badly yesterday. We ate at really odd hours...which does kinda mess up the day. I had breakfast at a somewhat normal time. And at lunchtime I had a bowl of green beans and a granola bar. Damn, those things are like crack! We ate dinner at about 4:30...a bit early. We went to Hoss's. While we were there, I realized that why I actually liked Hoss's was for the bread bar and the dessert bar. Neither is fantastic...but they are OK in their own way. :-) Well, since I've been trying to watch, I try to stay away from those areas...but it's difficult and I often fail. Well, yesterday I was determined to not 'fail' in my attempt to eat healthy there. I chose not to order a meal. NOW, if I order I end up getting Chicken breast (usually BBQ'd) and steamed broccoli. But I decided that I didn't need the I just got the bar. I didn't do tooooo badly. I got a huge salad......and I didn't put too much bad stuff on it...OK, just a little cheese and salad dressing but oh well. I did have about 3-5 spoon fulls of each type of soup that they had (broccoli cheese, potato and chicken noodle). and about two bites each of mac salad and potato salad. The dessert bar......I had some fat free/sugar free jello and some fat free/sugar free pudding (that was tasteless...let me tell you) and I did splurge and have a little rectangle of cake.....1 inch by 2 inches. Overall I feel as if I did well. So why do I feel so bloated and icky????

Well, the bad water consumption yesterday.....I'd say I'd be lucky if I got in 10 ounces of water! Heck, I probably didn't even drink that!


Deborah said...

I think you did pretty durn good at Hoss's. One or two bites of the good stuff helps keep us from craving and then blowing it.

I'm curious. I know we need a lot of water when trying to lose weight but what does it do that helps us so much? Maybe that will be one of my goals for today to research water's benifits and reasons for losing weight.

Donna B said...

You did GREAT for that type of restaurant! Keep up the good work. I have been diligent about my water consumption even more so since I saw how many foods ahve sodium in them that I never expected. Check the container of 1% cottage cheese! Nearly flipped when I added that food to my spark people journal the other day.

--cara said...

I hate buffets. I used to love them, before WW. It's all so doggone tempting! Sounds like you did pretty good, though. There's one restaurant we go to maybe once a month as a treat and about every other time I'll get the salad bar. It has yummy chicken salad, seafood salad, potato salad, tuna salad, etc., etc., and cheese cubes and pudding, etc., etc. I try so hard not to indulge, so I'll take maybe a teaspoon of each. Probably not the best thing, but hey, better than a pile, right?

By the way, I need an update from you for the Challenge. What was your loss last week? And how many pounds have you lost since the Challenge started on July 12th? I'd like to put a "total lost" for each of us on the challenge.