Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday evening chit chat

Got home from work today at 3PM. I didn't have anything to do so I hopped onto the exercise bike and rode for an hour. That added to my 55 minute ride this morning, and I think I've done pretty darn good. I did have a banana with a bit of peanut butter tonight...which pushes me over my points by 2 points, but I do believe I"ll be ok. :-)

Made dinner tonight. One of my favorite meals. I made Maple pecan chicken, green beans and sweet potato pudding. For our dessert/fruit I fried some apples. YUMMY! While we were eating dinner I had a grand thought. We are eating better foods by eating healthy. I used to be a lazy cook. Yeah, I've always liked to cook, but I was lazy. I did prepackaged stuff and took the easy route. I rarely do that anymore and you know what? I do not miss the prepackaged easy route!


Donna B said...

Need to try some of your recipes on your other blog. Agree about the packaged foods! WAY too much sodium and preservatives to be healthy, so I don't purchase them anymore. I love to cook as well and try new recipes, finding out most of them take less time than working with packaged foods. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Prepackaged does make things easier but you never know what is really in there. You're so much better off with the "real and healthy" food you're making.

You're doing great...stick with it.