Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Not starting out the greatest!

Woke up this morning and TOdd and I headed to town to go to the gym. I had a pretty good workout and I was relaxed as Todd drove us home. I went to get out of the driveway and realized taht I had left my keys at the gym. DUH! SO I had to run up to town AGAIN to pick them up. Oh well....at least the snafu didn't interrupt my workout! I did still have time to straighten up the house and sweep and mop the kitchen floor. (does that thing ever stay clean???)

I'm tickled pink. I was able to hold my weight loss that I showed yesterday. Today I was pretty much the same. Oh I'll be honest...I was 2/10ths of a pound down. (ok, maintained........but technically a loss...lol) SO that made me pretty darn happy! I guess that second bike ride really made the difference for me in keeping that loss on my side! :-)

Not much else to report. Eating is on target for the day. I"ve planned dinner and I should be fine, with 2 points to spare for a little snack while I watch TBL. Yeah, that is terrible that I'll eat a snack while watching THAT show! LOL


Deborah said...

Way to go on the exercise. And the 2/10 loss.

If I could just keep my snacking down to 2 points in the evenings I'd be thrilled. Maybe I can't because I stay up so late, oh well.

Unknown said...

I haven't visited in awhile so I thought I would drop in. Recipes are looking good. :) I might have to try a couple of them.

JC said...

Hey Mary Fran, I'm catching up on blog reading. Your recipes sound so good. I'm going to try some of them. Esp. the onion rings. I really miss them.

Love the pictures. It is amazing how the same shot can look so different.

Congrats on the weight loss. Isn't it amazing how our thinking about food is changing. I'd much rather have healthy food now than the prepackaged dinners or the frozen dinners (UGH!).

Thanks for the comments you leave me and for a comment you left on Anna Belle's site after her Monday night binge. She is an old friend of mine and has so many issues. Your advice to her was so good and timely.