Monday, September 15, 2008


Yesterday evening, I was just hungry and I couldn't get a hold of myself. I had a banana with peanut butter. I actually had the points for that, so I was a-OK. But then I had a second one (about an hour or so later) and a cup of the cheesecake stuff that I made. Both were not exactly 'bad things' for me. But still, I did not have the points for them! I also had a Chinese style meal for lunch, and we all know that Chinese is super high in sodium. And if that wasn't enough, we had taco's for dinner. I did a taco salad and filled up on lots of lettuce, onions and tomatoes. I only used one taco shell (crumbled up on my salad) and about 1/4 cup of the meat (turkey). I did add a little fat free cheddar cheese, so it was pretty healthy. BUT, the sodium was high! Outrageously high for the day. So, this morning I was a bit nervous about weighing myself. I had contemplated not doing it...skipping it and going or it tomorrow. But then this morning I realized that if my weight was up, I'd know why and I would not be bothered by it at all. So I stepped onto the scales. Exactly 2 pounds gone!!!!!! Now, I did exercise, AND push mow for an hour, AND walked while shopping for a couple hours, not to mention the normal things like cooking, cleaning up and the load of laundry washed and hung on the line. 2 pounds WOO HOOO!

This puts me at exactly the weight I started with for my little 'first to lose 10 pounds challenge with my friend who's getting married in October. I can actually start losing that 10!!!!

I've laid out my food eating plan for today. I know that because of my little splurge/binge/eat fest that I will have to be super diligent today. I know that two days of overeating (even if it is healthy options) will start to have a negative impact! So I'm set and ready for the day!

The good old sinus' are STILL acting up. Headache is back today. My cheek bones and teeth hurt...and the throat is still just feeling icky. Go away sinus issues!


Anonymous said...

Boooo on the sinuses but YEAH ON THE WEIGHT LOSS!!

Maybe you needed all the food for your body to burn it. It's hard to think that way as a WW member but I am struggling with the same thing.

Have a great day!!

Anonymous said...
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Donna B said...

Congrats on the loss! I swear we will never be able to figure out our bodies as to why and when they lose or gain weight! jsut need to stick to it and it will all come off in the end. Keep up the good work.

Mal said...

I'm still just totally blown away by those before/after pics. No matter how frustrated you get by your maintenance phase, I hope you are able to keep your overall progress in sight. Holy schmoly.

Anonymous said...

kudos on the loss (Im the sodium queen. it's bad---but its water weight :))
and the teeth?
I SO GET THAT every time my sinuses hurt.
the first time I ran to the dentist as I had no idea they could do that to you.

feel better,

Deborah said...

Stupid sinus's. Why don't they just get a life of their own and leave you alone.

YIPPEEEEEEE on the 2 pound loss. Had to laugh outloud when you said that "now I can actually start losing that 10 pounds." How's the friend doing with it?