Thursday, September 25, 2008

another ramble

Ohhh why oh why did I not have my camera with me. Last week it was the firemen. Today it as the police. We had this strange person come in and open an account. He then used our bathroom. He was in there for 15 minutes! The toilet never flushed! (I sit near the bathroom....) The one supervisor was a bit freaked she called the police to check it out. He searched our bathroom. WAY too funny!

Thank you for the kind comments about the demise of my friend. (the mug) I admit I've chuckled a bit about my death of a friend and some of ya'lls comments. :-) I'm really having a tough time finding a replacement. I'm using my backup mug now....but I need to replace the one that I broke (even if as only a back up mug). I hesitate to buy one with a sports logo on it (I'm not into sports) or an advertisment (remember, I take this EVERYWHERE). Not to mention that just the sheer amount of ounces in the mug take it to a whole different level (it's a 64 ounce mug). Todd, oh my dearest of dear husbands found me a replacement online. From HOOTERS! Uhhh NO! Although it is funny!

I have a friend that I correspond with pretty much every day. She is a good friend from college, and then she and I shared an apartment for a year after college. We had lost contact for a while, but have been talking for a while now. Talking to her has made me realize and remember what I used to be like and it has brought some of that back to life. Tis a very good thing. Thank you Suzy!! I think it's long think it's long past time to bring back the 'real' maryfran!

I thank you for reading my emotions about my teaching fiasco/mess. I honestly think that was the first time that I have actually admitted to anyone that the situation has caused me to have an intense fear of failure. I know that is also one of the first times I have ever made it through a conversation (or writing about it...which I have done in the past) without crying or actually even feeling the phyical problems that occur when I think about that situation. (my throat closes up and I can't breath....nothing major...tee hee hee) Does that mean that I'm healing??????

I think part of what is helping me is this project to take a picture a day for a year. Yeah, I can snap pictures....but to view life through a view finder. I actually have to look for the beauty around me. And it's everywhere. I'll admit, sometimes the 'dark' photos are pretty to view, but I'm figuring out that I don't have it in me to actually take those dark just not intrinsically in me. That is just one more little piece that got me to thinking.

Just one more step in the metamorphisis of myself. Changing my body for the better, changing my emotions for the better, changing my lifestyle for the better. It's all inter-connected.


Donna B said...

TOO TOO funny about the Hooter's Mug! Sounds like our hubby's are so much alike! I know you will find a new mug soon. Good luck!

Love your idea of taking photos every day. It has inspired me to create a cool scrapbook album for 2009 about my life.

Donnalouise said...

Your hubby sounds like boyfriend, he would have hunted down a HOOTERS mug as well! Men!! ;)

Anonymous said...

I cannot understand why you wouldn't want to carry a Hooters mug LMAO!!!

I am so happy that you can see that there is so much good in life, even in the dark pictures. Keep up this project as I think that you will really learn from it.

JC said...

I love to read your post you can be funny (hooter's mug) and deep )dark pictures) in the same post. Thanks for letting me know the size of that mug. I need to find one of those. It would take the guess work out of "did I get enough water today"
Have a great weekend.