Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Catch up!

Oh wow! I could have sworn I wrote something in here yesterday! Man, just goes to show you what a little time off of work does to a girl!

Yes, I had off from work yesterday as it was labor day. I actually started my day by heading up to my parents house and mowing their three properties. I beat it home and spent some time doing some things around the house (vacuuming, cleaning, mopping, two loads of laundry on the line, etc etc etc). And then I set up a table next to my desk so that I can work on some scrapbook pages. I'm so utterly far behind and I know me...if I don't have a place set up to work regularly, I'll just keep piling up and every once in a while pull everything out and rush through some pages...and I don't like the results! So I set up a scrapbook area next to my desk. It makes my 'office space' a bit cramped...but I"m actually really happy with it! I'm actually tickled because I know that I am happiest...(I have some type of inner peace or something ) when I"m allowing my creative self to flow. :-)

I scrapbooked most of the afternoon and made dinner (one of those dinners that you have to start 3 hours before it's time to eat...but ohhh so yummy). After dinner Todd and I went back into the yard to work some more....I think this past weekend we took down a total of 6 trees!

My weight. Yesterday morning, after all of that manual labor, I was exactly the same weight! This morning I was 183.2 pounds. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Not overly worried about it. (actually I expect up a bit).

Well, I have a friend that is hoping to lose 10 pounds by early October. That is gonna be a tall order...but with persistence she can do it. BUT the problem..she like me is kinda stuck in a rut. We are both sitting at roughly the same weight....we try and it doesn't move so we get discouraged and eat. SO after she told me about her self goal, I started thinking. Hmmmm could we make it a competition???? SO I emailed her.......we've agreed......whoever loses the most weight by October 6th is the winner....the loser will fork over $20. Not a lot...but hopefully some friendly competition will spark us to try our hardest!

Lets see........anything else????? Nope!


Donna B said...

Girl after my own heart! I LOVE to scrapbook as well! In fact, for 6 years I owned a small scrapbook store, and just closed it a little over a year ago. Rent just kept going up and sales going down with the economy. BUT...I do have a lot of supplies left over and enjoy working on pages for my nieces and nephews as well as of me and my hubby. Love your plan of the friendly competition! My hubby is on board with me, but a girlfriend would be great to have. All my friends are either skinny minnies that don't "get it" or chubby wubbies that think I am crazy for eating salads over burgers! It's nice having blogs to read!

Deborah said...

Wondered where you were. You usually never miss a day. I was lonely Monday, no one else blogged but Cammy. Guess all the others were taking the day off too.

So glad to hear that your weight is holding. That's a whole lot better than going up. But not as good as going down of course. I'm at a stall too. So far it's been one pound a month for several months. :o(

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good bet with lots of incentive. You'll take it off and as my WW leader says, if you take it off slowly you're more likely to keep it off.

Just back from vacation so I need to catch up on what's going on. Good for you setting up a place where you find inner peace, that's what life is all about.