Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunny Sunday

Surprisingly my weight stayed the same....well almost (2/10ths of a pound up) from yesterdays weight. I KNOW that it was salt. I had lots of salty foods yesterday. But that's not why I'm shocked. You see, I kinda had a problem with the fruit dip that I made yesterday when I got home from the grocery store. I uhhhhh....ate the whole batch in one sitting. Yep....the whole darn batch.

Today, I've gone over my points. I've eaten mostly fruits and veggies though. :-) Not to mention that I worked outside, hard manual labor for 6 hours today. So I'm sure I"ll be OK today. The worst that today may bring me is some water weight. Although I did drink and drink and drink all throughout the day. :-)

Not much new to report. I FINALLY for the first time since March was able to say that I was caught up with all the chipping and shredding (using the wood chipper, making mulch). But, as soon as I turned it off, Todd asked me to help him....and we took down about 3 more trees....I organized the limbs and cut wood into two piles. Firewood pile and a pile to be chipped. (We don't have a fireplace so it's not like we need tons of firewood). I won't be able to start chipping that pile for at least 2-4 weeks. IT chips better if it's dry. I got a bit of sunburn on my shoulders today as I as wearing a tank top. Lets see...I got pretty much caught up on laundry. Tomorrow I"ll do towels and sheets...but for the most part I'm caught up. :-)

Tonight I'm just hanging out, Todd and I just finished watching a movie that we had started last night (that I fell asleep on). I"m just playing on photo shop, messin' with some pictures. Just playin'!


Deborah said...

If you have to go over your points fruits and veggies are the way to go. They definitely do less harm. And 6 hours of hard labor will surely show a loss tomorrow. Don't ya think?

Donna B said...

Sounds like your outside "exercise" helpd with the overindulgence of fruit dip. I am still amazed at how well you are doing. Keep up the good work! I hope I can handle food as well as you do once I get to goal!