Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mourning the loss of a good friend!

water-mug, originally uploaded by mfcstotler.
Today was a busy one. I didn't do all that great eating, but it could have been worse! We ran ALL day long! But there was a terrible casualty today. There was a car accident. YOu see, I had my hands full of stuff when we left the house. I put my mug (pictured above, cropped and enlarged from a photo I took YESTERDAY) on top of the car as I threw my stuff into the back seat. Everything in, I hopped into the car and Todd drove off. Uhhh about a half mile down the road I heard it. Todd figured out what it was more quickly than I (hey, he had rear view mirrors). Yes, that mug made it a half mile down the road. It shattered. Well, not totally, but well beyond further use. I am personally shattered. This is my mug. My friend. I literally go EVERYWHERE with that mug. Come on now, after the incident with the fire department being called last Friday morning, one of the firefighters came back in the afternoon to cash his pay check and was joking with everyone at the bank that as long as I was at work, I could put out any fire with the water that I carry around. I do not move without my mug. Yes, I was in tears! This mug has been with me for 130 pounds of weight loss (well, for most of it at least!) I have lost a good friend! I'm scouring the interenet. I do not want one that has advertisements on it! I can not find one!!!!!!!!

So lets all have a moment of silence for the newly departed mug!


Deborah said...

When is the funeral and where should I send flowers.

Donna B said...

Feel for you! When I got back to drinking my water seriously when I started my weight loss program I ripped apart my cabinets one day looking for a specific mug, only to hear my hubby "remind" me I threw is away because it was yucky from drinking so much ice tea. Hope you find a new one that you like soon!

Love, Deborah's post! Made me chuckle!

Donnalouise said...

I'm so sorry you lost your mug - but see it as a chance for something new. It's a new you after losing 130lbs! You deserve to find a new mug to go along with the new you.

Donnalouise said...

Hehehe Deborah! I was trying to sympathise but your comment is funny :)

SeaShore said...

Sorry about your mug! I agree with Donna Louise: A new mug for the new you!

JC said...

Honey, should I send flowers or make a contribution to the Mary Fran Mug Replacement Fund? Mercy, how many ounces did that mug hold. It looks huge in that picture.

I do understand. I still have the insulated mug (32oz) I received when I went into the hospital in 1992. I still use it everyday at home. It is to big for the car cup holder.

I'm sure you will find a replacement soon. Post a picture of the replacement.

John said...

It is interesting how one can attached to an object like a mug. Good luck looking for another mug..

--cara said...

Was your mug named Wilson?

(remember, Wilson, the soccer ball from the Tom Hanks movie Castaway?)