Thursday, August 21, 2008


Ok, so I binged last night on my eating. What's up with me? Why did I want to continue to eat after dinner? Ok, wrong question...not why did I want to. I know that answer. I wanted to because I'm totally addicted to food. The question is....why did I give in to my desire? Lets see.....a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, about 1 serving of baked tortilla chips, a weight watcher sunday bar, some pickles....hmmm I'm thinking I missed something.....but you get the point! I ATE! I probably had the points for one thing (the sundae cup) . OH yes....not one but TWO 100 calorie packs also went down the hatch last night!

Ok, does it help to know that the 100 cal packs that I dove into last night are GONE GONE GONE! No temptation left there! I guess that's a good thing! (and in case you want to was the chocolate covered pretzel 100 cal packs.....bad bad bad thing to have in the house!)

Yes, I exercised this morning. At least there is something positive!


Anna Belle said...

Thank God, I'm not alone. It sounds like you got back on track today so YEA for you. I'm on WW too and just wanted to visit.

Deborah said...

There must be a night time food demon that just hops from one house to the other. I couldn't stop last night either. I started out really good with a small serving of Brussels sprouts, then had to have pop corn and that didn't do the trick to out came a piece of cheese. They were all good choices but shouldn't have been anything at all. How are we going to conquer that demon?

Anonymous said...

here's hoping that TODAY you have left the binge behind.
that you have, perhaps, journaled about how CRAPPY you felt afterwards so you have a reminder should you need it but that there's NO BEATING YOURSELF UP HAPPENING OVER THERE AT ALL.

buhbye 100 pack.
hello good healthy happy relaxing weekendtime.

Anonymous said...

YUMMM I am so glad that I did not know about those chocolate covered pretzel 100 cal packs! They would ALL be gone on the first night.

KUDOS for getting back on track today and hiting the gym. That's dedication for you!

WWSuzi said...

It definitely happens, too often to me!
But you got right back by exercising and by knowing what had happened.
I too can't have the 100 cal packs in the house unless they're plain almonds!