Friday, August 22, 2008

Postive influence

Have I managed to positively influence my co-workers? We are having a birthday party celebration today. I had talked them into doing fruit and veggies. I brought some healthy fruit dips and such and then everyone brought in fruit and veggies (and another gal brought in the veggie dip). We did have one gal bring in a cake...NOT a huge sheet cake (over kill for an office where we only have 6 workers....and that's what we used to get..yikes...we had cake coming out of our ears) but a normal 9 inch cake! When I came in I did notice that there were some 'non-healthy' things there....chips had managed to make it to the table...and who knows what else. But you know's better than previous potlucks! WHEW! I can actually eat at this one!!!!

My weight, down a hair this morning....still up...but going back down...and I'm at the top end of that 5 pound range that my body seems to I'm glad to be going back down!

Nothing much else to say. I think I have to do more green beans this weekend. Who knows what else!


Anonymous said...

It's so amazing to me how hard it is to get people to want to eat healthy. Congrats on inspiring your co-workers!! That's something, really it is. I have blogged about the "free" food mentality and you really got a handle on that AND on the people around you. WAAAAHHHOOOO

Deborah said...

Sounds like you've managed to positively influence "some" of your co-workers. Now you gotta work on the rest. So glad there were things there that you could enjoy too.

Down a hair is better than up a hair. :o)

Donna B said...

Great job with the birthday celebration! Sometimes it takes awhile for people to "get it", but once they do, it is a big YEAH when you can walk in and have something available that you feel comfortable eating. Luckily I love to cook, so I always offer to bring something to a pot luck and it is always now healthy. Keep up the good work. Have fun with the beans......wish we had some to freeze, but our mini garden just made enough for meals throughout the summer!

Anonymous said...

baby steps to health and a BIG ONE is helping others around you as well!!