Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thinking that a negative may actually be very positive

My weight...up and down. Today I'm retaining some water (I would wager a wild bet that I am at least).

I get frustrated about my weight loss...or lack thereof. But in reality, I guess I should be tickled pink...because my body is holding steady at this weight...pretty much within the same 5 pound range since last November. I've been holding this weight for almost a year. That is actually a positive...and a HUGE victory in many people can lose 130 pounds and maintain for a year? Yeah, I've been trying to lose (I'll admit that some weeks it's been a half hearted attempt)...but maybe for the long term benefit, this will be best. They say slow and steady is the best and will give the best long term results! Who knows!

I was talking to a friend just that had lost a good deal of weight...but quickly. Started looking through some pictures of her (on her website). Oh my word, she's gaining it back AND fast! BUT good news on the friend front. My friend that lost a lot of weight...ordered her wedding dress and then gained weight and couldn't fit into the dress........she can now wear the dress again. (with less than 1.5 months before the wedding, she fits back into her dress!) Congrats to her! But you know what...these stories and my my...just a reminder to me about how quickly it can all be gained right back AND how thankful I am that I've been able to maintain my current loss for so long!

I tried a new weight watcher meeting last night. They closed the meeting that I was attending, and to be honest, I wasn't at all pleased with the leader there anyway. I was excited about this new meeting. It was the perfect timing for me...and the perfect place...only about 6 miles from my house!

The meeting...oh my word. TERRIBLE! The people didn't talk amongst each other. Which is something that is really a big motivational tool for me. I like the interaction of the members. That is where some of the best motivation and ideas and support comes from. I sat down and the room was QUIET as we waited for the meeting to start. THEN, the leader started. And somehow she was talking about the healthy guidelines. Now as you know, these guidelines are not just pulled out of the sky by weight watchers. They are actually the basic guidelines of eating that is recommended by nutritionists. Well..this leader started talking and to paraphrase told us that to lose weight we really need to only focus on getting in the healthy oils and the water consumption. She went on to say that yeah, they say to eat 5 fruits and veggies a day, but that's pretty much ridiculous and near impossible! WHAT???? Come on now...on an average I eat about 7 a day! By the time I'm done with lunch today I'll already have 5 down the hatch...and I'll add more with dinner! So she thinks she can just throw out the healthy guidelines that she has problems with? I would have been OK if she would have said, "I struggle with my fruits and veggies...but I'm anal about getting in my water and my oil' or something like that. She also conducted the meeting and herself in that her way was the ONLY way to do this. Rubbed me wrong. I've been doing this long enough to know that there are tons of different ways to complete this journey...and not only that..but as I journey down this path, I have to change the way I do it periodically as my body changes and adjusts! Ohhh yeah, and she didn't even do a celebration period. Not that I had anything to celebrate (I didn't weigh in)...but I get motivated when I hear of other people succeeding!!!!

So next week (Tuesday night meeting also) I'm going to swing to another place for a 7PM meeting. I was actually so disappointed with the meeting that I would have gone to the this other meeting last night if the meeting that I attended would have ended 15 minutes early, giving me the time to drive to that meeting! I'm really really really hoping that this next weeks meeting is a good one. Because if not, I'll be forced to jump from meeting to meeting depending on my schedule for the week. (My schedule changes weekly). And I really do not want to do that as I thrive on the interaction that I have received from my co-meeting attendees.

I hope you are doing GREAT!


Unknown said...

That is a HUGE accomplishment to be maintaining your weight loss! It truly shows that you have made this change an actual lifestyle! Way to go!!

As for the, I'm sorry! That would be HORRIBLE! I will keep my fingers crossed for you for next week!

Anonymous said...

You have maintained for this long AND you have lost sooo much weight. That's something to celebrate!!!! KUDOS my thin friend.

I agree, the leader can make or break the entire program/meeting thing for you. Fingers crossed that you find someone you like...that's what this program is all about working weight loss as a group with a strong leader.

Donna B said...

I didn't realize you lost that much weight and have also kept it off for so long! You are doing GREAT! And since you are WW goal, how much more do you plan to lose? You look fabulous. Keep up the good work. Between you and me, I'd think about saying something to that leader or at least call headquarters. That really isn't a truthful statement, and could discourage other people as well. Good luck!

Deborah said...

OMG, what a horrible WW leader. You should write an anonymous letter to the chapter about her. She was way off base!

I had no idea that you had lost that much. WOW! And you've kept it off that long. You are my hero.

Good luck on the other meeting.

Anonymous said...

you know, as I lovingly rambled yesterday,that *I* think maintaining is a big deal!

a point of celebration (what was up with no celebration?!)

JC said...

When it comes to WW the leader really does set the tone. I've changed meeting places because I just could take the leader. The one I go to now is great. Always glad to see you, remembers your name, and celebrates every victory regardless of how tiny. I hope you find a group like mine. You have done so well and many people can benefit from your encouragements. I know I have have. Grace and blessings to you.

Mal said...

Awesome. I thought your first few paragraphs hit it right on the head. It's okay to be excited about your progress and to have found the "sweet spot" for your body! Now that you have lifetime, you shouldn't have to worry so much about the numbers. You can just enjoy your new health and your accomplishment, and then try to keep yourself from putting more than 5 pounds back on. GOOD JOB.