Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Weigh in results!

Well....I was worried. I hoped for a maintain at least. I honestly had no clue when I stepped onto the scales. OHHHH my word did I honestly have not clue!!!!!! 4.6 pounds! I called TOdd to ask him to put something in the oven he asked how I did. I answered, "4.6 pounds". He sounded incredulous when he answered, "GAINED?" I laughed and laughed....when I answered it was with extreme happiness to tell him that I LOST 4.6 pounds. He was like, "that's huge" Yeah, that is huge at this stage in my weight loss progress. However, after being where I've been the last few months,'s understandable. I'm going to do my best to follow up that loss with another one next week. I may not weigh myself at home this week....and just go for broke. OHhhh I don't know..that makes me a bit nervous though! We'll see.

I've got some riding to do today. I took off I need to get some formal mileage in today! THe first month of the challenge I did 229.85 miles! Amazing! I'm hoping to equal that...or even better that for next month! That is my better my mileage each month! That would be way cool!!!!!!

I also want to get a little painting in this today. I've got to wait though until its dry outside. I'll get it done...a little bit at a time! OH goody...todd just told me that the cars are dry...which probably means taht the siding is dry! LEt the good times roll! OH I just love painting. NOte the extreme sarcasm in that statment. I painted pretty much every surface of the inside of this place through the months of January and February. I thought that was bad enough. ANd I was so relieved when it was over. The outside never even entered my mind. Now I'm suckered into painting again. And when the siding is done...then it's on to the screened in porch...followed by the decks! And the one deck needs scrapped first. JOY JOY> just keeps getting better doesn't it?

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