Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Two of my newer outfits that I have purchased recently!
Today I ate well....and actually because of myschedule, ended up with a LOT Of points left over. I ate mostly fruits and veggies today...and you just don't rack up the points very fast with all fruist and veggies. :-) SOOOOOO I treated myself. I treated myself to a Wendy's Frosty. (it was on the way home...and not much is on the way home so my options were limited) Did you know that Wendy's has vanilla frosty's. I had heard about it.......and would you believe that they were 'out' of chocolate...forcing me to get a vanilla??????? IT wasn't bad...a bit too vanilla-y for me though. But I did enjoy it regardless.
I'm off tomorrow. I have to make some chocolate chip biscotti tomorrow morning for mom. Then Todd and I have a meeting to attend. A trip to Lowes. Mowing at mom and dad's and Todd has something to nail using the nail gun. Then we are going to eat with mom and dad. I will need to get some mileage in there somewhere. EIther in the morning...or evening. Although we have mentioned possibly going to the gym. We'll have to see. That woudl be a nice break from the routine mundane for me!
Should I weigh in tomorrow??? That is the question. At home of course! That is the question of the hour. I guess I"ll figure that out in the morning! :-)

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