Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Weigh in Day

Tonight is my official weigh in. I am definitely going to weigh in. I don't rightly know if I've lost enough weight to show a loss.....remember I gained 4 pounds last week. BUT, just to show how much this subtle shift of my thinking has changed. I don't care. I'm going to go...face, the music and do it. I've also decided to go in blind. I'm not weighing myself this morning. In fact, I already at my breakfast...and I don't weigh after I've put anything into my mouth. I usually try to make my morning weight as 'pure as possible. Meaning I try to make the conditions as uniform everyday as possible. SO, I've already ruined the conditions! :-) I also was a bit thirsty. Nothing really bad...but I knew that I wanted a drink. SO I need to drink up today.

My plans for today. IT's darn tootin' cold outside right now. I may around 11 or so go out and paint for an hour or two, waiting that long to allow for the sun to warm things up a bit....and dry the side of the house. I noticed that the cars are dew covered...so I imagine that hte house is also a bit dewy and damp also. We'll see.

I'm planning on taking the day off from 'organized' exercise. That is the current plan at least. However, I note that even though I''m saying this...and I could 'close' the week on my exercise log and actually calculate my weekly totals...and add it to my 'challenge' total....well...I just haven't done it! I'll do it at work, only because I need my totals for tonights meeting. :-)

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