Thursday, May 08, 2008

ON fire!!!!

Todays pictures of me. None are particularly great...but hey...they are from today!

I'm on fire with my eating. Amazing what a difference this mental shift has made in my control I've been totally on the program with my eating now for about a whole week. Even more so amazing...this morning I was up early. I made a batch of chocolate chip biscotti. I did not even take a bite of the snow. NOT EVEN A LICK! I didn't eat the ends as I cut the biscotti up...or the crumbs that inevetably fall off. NOTHING. NOt one iota. They cooled and I had them bagged and put away without eating ANYTHING! TONIGHT, I made snickerdoodles. (yeah, I"m a glutton for punishment...but it's for a work crew that is dong community service...Todd is the chair of the community service committee). ONce again...NO LICKS, bites or tastes! I told myself that I would allow myself to eat the LAST little bite of cookie dough. The last because I knew that once I tasted that I woudl continue eating until they were all either eaten or baked. Well....half way through baking all of a sudden it hit me....won't I be so proud of myself if I don't partake of any? And quite I really need that? Honestely, I probably have the points. But you know what......I'm fine....and I feel so much more proud of myself for having control over the situation!!!!!

This afternoon, I rode the exercise bike. This challenge that I'm doing is an amazing way to keep myself on target with exericisng. I SOO didn't want to exercise today.

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