Thursday, May 08, 2008

Soul searching

I was emailing yesterday with a friend. We were talking about some super deep issues in our lives. Stuff I will not share on here in a public forum. I'm not putting that stuff on here....not about her or not about myself!

What I will say is that although I've been overweight since I was right at around 12 I just recently realized that there was a point in my life when I packed on about 100 pounds...quickly. I never sat back and realized that. All of a sudden it just clicked into place. I didn't care that I was gaining weight because of a situation in my life that I was trying to 'live up to'. OR should I say live down to. I felt inadequate...and I allowed my body to reflect that feeling. There were reasons that I felt inadequate and not worthy. ANd I let the weight pack on...and in some weird twisted way, I then used the weight as the 'reason' that I was inadequte. I started losing weight because of my health. I've lost about 120 pounds or so to date. As everyone that has read my blog knows, I've been struggling. Well, in the last few weeks I've learned some lessons. I thank a few good friends...some in person, some friends that I know only via the interent that have helped to set me straight. I've learned that these inadequate feelings were based on something that was through no fault of mine! I was not at fault for anything that caused me to feel this way.

I think that is part of why I was having such a difficult time wrapping my mind around losing more weight. I had shed that protective layer of fat.....the layer of fat that I had put on to use as my excuse. Without that layer I no longer have the excuses........I had/have to face the issues head on.

Yes, this is totally rambling and probably incoherent....but to me it's HUGE.

****a side note for myself should I ever not understand what in the world I was dancing around trying to say without saying it.....go read my personal will all make sense!!!******

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