Saturday, May 03, 2008

Long Day

Oh my word, was work ever long, slow and boring this morning. I worked in the lobby, which I actually come close to hating. I so much more prefer the drive up. For various reasons. One, it's busier; thus making the time go faster. But two, I'm kinda in my own world back there. I like that. Anyway, I was up front and bored out of my skull! I couldn't wait for the workday to over. FINALLY it ended. We locked the door at noon and we rolled out of there just a few minutes later. I rushed home, ate lunch and did some work around the yard. I mowed the yard...which didn't net ANY activity points as I used the riding lawn mower. Nothing like last year using the push mower for 4 hours each week! After the mowing was done, I rolled the chipper up to the brush pile and proceeded to finish up the brush/wood pile at the north end of the property! WOOO HOOOO! I'm particularly excited because this brush pile was perilously close to my clothes line. In fact, I couldn't use one end of my clothes line because of the brush pile. Not that big of deal because of course my clothes lines ar like 50 feet long....... BUt still! I worried about what critters and creepy crawlies were in that pile while I was up there hanging clothes....wearing flip flops! SOOOOO I finished that pile today! THen I went back and mowed
that's amazing how much grass can grow up under a pile like that! BUt anyway...oh my word does it look so nice up there...all freshly mowed with NO pile of brush and branches! (There has been a pile up there since EARLY March)

I came in the back door after working outside, grabbed my wallet and headed to our one and only little eatery in town....a convience store place. I picked up a turkey sub for each of us (a half for me...and a whole for Todd). I bought two bags of sunchips and two drinks. Diet Pepsi for of course (I was done with my water for the day). I wasn't worried as I actually had 19 points left for the day. I was so proud of Todd and I. We actually put the one bag of chips up and split the other one! Yeah, the bags were actually two serving bags each. SO it was plenty to share. It really feels good to take control and to do something like that. NOW, if I would hav saved my buck and not bought the second bag...although I know that Todd will eat them sometime this week for lunch! :-) ANYWAY, after dinner, I went into the bedroom...and even though my calves were still sore...and I'd wracked up tons of steps on my pedometer while doing the chipper thing....I got on that dang bike. I rode for about 30 minutes total......10 miles EXACTLY when i was done. It was kinda crazy. I don't pay attention to mileage. BUt I was training at a lower resistance...but aiming for a higher I was hoping to make it to 10. SO You can imagine my shock and happiness when I moved aside the laptop (sitting atop the handlebars, hiding the display) and saw 10.0!

After riding, I came out and updated my exercise log....and also my food log with my dinner. I'm actually shocked. I went HIGH on my estimation for my sandwhich..and I've still got points left! I may have a ff/sf jello. I have one more serving left. BUT then again...I may not have it. Who knows!

Ok....that solves that question...I'm eating my jello as I type! Ok, I couldn't type and eat at the same I just finished. YUMMY! And guilt free! That makes it more yummy!

Wow...I just looked I'm at 47.59 miles for this week already. AND I've got Sunday, Monday and Tuesday to go before my week rolls! WOO HOOO!

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