Saturday, May 03, 2008

On top of my game!

Yes, I'm still on top of my game. Yesterday, I did go over my daily points by 2 points. I was worried though. First, I had that decent ride yesterday morning. I walked on my lunch break, and I DID get an hour to hour and a half of painting in when I got home from work. PLUS, I tried to stand and move a good deal at work instead of simply parking 'it' on my chair and sitting like a bump on a log at my counter. And even though I did go over my pointage...I had 7 servings of fruits/veggies! That's awesome! So, you may be wondering what my weight is. Well, my official weigh in on Tuesday put me at 187.6. By Thursday morning...I was up to 189.8. YEAH, bad bad bad. This morning, I was down to 187.4. Activity and healthy eating really does pay off!

Weirdly calve muscles are KILLING me today. Ok, not killing me...but I can feel that they are super tight when I move. Is it from riding? Standing on a ladder painting? All the standing I did at work (with heels on). Was it my lunch break walk (I did put on tennis shoes to do that). Whatever...I worked something.

I work today from 7:45 till noon. Hopefully the weather will be nice when I get home so that I can get outside and continue my painting mission. WOO HOOOO. With probably 3 hours or so, I could have the whole thing totally painted....with it's first coat. THe back only needs a short little section of white second coated. The one side only needs the white second coated (the trim is already doubled). So it's coming along. I'll be glad when it is done. However, then I'll have to switch my focus to the porch and the decks. Ei yiii yiii...will it ever end? If I work outside all afternoon...(climbing up and down ladders and such) I'll probably not ride this afternoon. We'llsee though.

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