Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sunday morning news

Got up and weighed myself this morning. Imagine this......I weighed in at 184.4 pounds! WOAH doggie. The weight is dropping off again!!! That makes me one very very happy girl!

I've been able to keep myself under control today. In fact, I've got some extra points left here....and dinner is over and done with. AND that is not including any activity points. You see...I was outside working for about 5 hours today. THEN I had the gumption to come in and ride the exercise bike! YEah, I don't know what came over me either. I will admit...I was super tired on the bike and cut it a bit short...only 20 minutes. BUT I did 4.85 miles in that 20 minutes. SO...hopefully with all the activity today...and my healthy eating, I will see the weight drop some more tomorrow on the scales!

Dang, dang double dang. Last night I was reading and came upon something that was like super relavent and pertinent to what I've been learning about myself and goign through. And whadya know....I brought the book out this morning...laid it here on my desk so I could put it in this journal...and I can't find the passage now...and there was more than one! FRUSTRATING!

I know one of the passages was about how I perceive myself...and how that effects my weight loss results. It was sooo in line with what I have been thinking. EXCEPT for the fact that I may be focusing too much on what others are thinking....I"m getting lots of compliments and such and that is driving my confidence. This book tells me that I need to feel this confidence about myself. My thing.....these compliments actually have helped my mind catch up to my weight loss efforts and really help me realize that I'm a good looking woman.

Ohhhh today, I was out front painting and Todd was out back working. Well, I had my headphones on....and I was listening to my music and minding my own business. ALl of a sudden I heard a beep. It was two guys on motorcycles. They beeped....waved...and about drove off the side of the road because their necks were craned backwards looking. Looking at what you might say.... well....ME! They roared off and I smiled to myself and went on painting. Well, within minutes there was Todd...standing at my side...aksing me about the bikers. It wasn't my imagination at all. He's been teasing me about it ever since then. I'm not sure he likes all the attention that his 'hot' wife is getting. Actually I think one half of him is likin' it...but the other half is not so keen on it. Oh well....

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