Saturday, May 31, 2008

Just playin' around tonight

A picture of my baby Ethel!
Is this what smells so wonderful in my yard? I was out there sniffing trying to track it down!
A corn planter that is half buried by weeds on the edge of our property.

I've had a good day. Like I said previously, I exercised early this morning. BUT to add to that, I've thus far been able to keep my eating totally under control. As long as I can stay away from the kitchen tonight I'll be a-ok!!!!
My day.....well, we went shopping. I drug Todd back and forth across town. Well...I wanted to make sure that I was getting the best deal on things! And then we ended up going back to the first salesman....and locally owned and operated business. GOTTA go with the locals if at all possible! We ran into Sam's Club....Todd actually picked out a pair of shorts. Shorts that I saw and LOVED for him...but I thought that there would be no way in H E Double hockey sticks that he would wear. He saw them and wanted them! Hot diggity...SOLD! Lets see...and DVD's for the business. OH yeah, exciting stuff. Then we went to the grocery store. More excitement. tee hee hee ANd of course the liquor store on the way home. NOT for me. I don't drink my points. First of all I HATE beer....but most importantly, I don't want to ante up the points for alcohol!

What I did ante up the points for......the new Weight Watchers chocolate Chip cookies. They weren't all that bad. Yeah, I'd prefer my homemade ones (or mom's...but that's the same as mine). BUT, then I end up with a big bowl of cookie dough staring me in the face...and then a whole batch of cookies to contend with. These are individually wrapped and it wasn't all that bad. I won't mind working on that box.....managed carefully and eaten over the next few weeks!
We were so busy with our shopping and mundane errands that we didn't go to the movies. OH well....if we get rained out of my mysterious surprise tomorrow maybe we'll end up at the movies. tee hee hee Oh more clue. I asked Todd if I should be taking my first he was like, "yeah, I guess it wouldn't be a bad idea". This evening he was like, "definitely". HMMMMM

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Deborah said...

Now you've got me on the edge of my seat about the surprise. Wonder what it is?

Glad you enjoyed your day (well most of it). I hate to go to the grocery store and the way you wrote about it you must too.

Contrats on the control with eating. I won't give up my points for alcohol either :-) It just isn't worth it as far as I'm concerned.