Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sunday Surprise

Here are some pictures from Todd's mysterious surprise. OH yes, and my new camera. I had a blast with it. Still playing with things are not perfect...but it's fun.
Weigh in this morning....... 182.8 That's another holy moley 2 pounds gone! Yeah, yeah yeah..I'll be the first to admit that some of the poundage that I've lost in the last few days is the water retention weight that creeps on each month during the ick.

Scared stiff though. Because I've gotten to 180 pounds before and seem to pop right back up. For some reason getting past 180 just seems to not happen. Well this time, when I hit 180 I'll also be celebrating reaching my weight watchers (doctor approved) goal. SO I'll be celebrating. It's bad enough to get there and then pop right back up. BUT, to celebrate reaching goal and then mess that up...that would be 10 times worse! That scares me! Yeah, I know that knowing this will hopefully make me be super religious and don't do ANYTHING to mess it up. Exercise religiously and all that. (I did that last time too...but lets not thing about that!). I just want to get below the goal and put some pounds between me and that goal....a safety net!!! And then power through to lower numbers!!!!

I woke up at 5:30 or so. I laid in bed until 6 and then hit that exercise bike. Did 14.2 miles. Todd did tell me that we would be doing some walking today......and to take the cameras. (batteries are all charged and ready to go) SO I'll get some more exercise in there also! :-) Well, I've breakfasted, and answered my emails. I think I'm gonna go lay in bed with my snoozin' husband and read a while! Sounds like a good plan to me!

Well, I saved this as a draft this morning...and here I's now more than 12 hours later! WOO HOOO! I did go back to bed this morning for a bit. I didn't sleep, I did my favorite thing....READ! Todd woke up and I rolled out of bed. We talked about the plans for the day. We decided to skip church (bad bad bad, I know) and go straight to this mysterious event. He told me it started at 10AM. That bugger, he wouldn't give me ONE SINGLE SOLITARY HINT! Not even on the drive there. He would laugh and pretend he was going to turn...I'd start guessing something in that direction and he wouldn't turn...or turned around. He was utterly mean! HE actually didn't tell me until we pulled up at the place. He took me to this architecture museum in's a historical thing. They had a colonial America (actually Colonial Maryland) living history exhibit. I love history. It was very cool. I've honestly never really delved into colonial history. My passion is a bit later in history...but I was very intrigued and enjoyed myself immensely.
I've done REALLY good eating wise today. Todd and I were like soo close to going out to eat. However as Todd put it, we would have a much more difficult time eating healthy and resisting temptation at a restaurant versus at home. PLUS we had corn on the cob and and chicken shish-kabobs at home! Yeah, they would have waited..but they were mighty tempting. And yes, they were mighty good also!


Amy said...

you went to the shifferstadt! I went to college right next door at hood, God I love frederick!

Deborah said...

What a wonderful surprise!

That looks like fun!

Glad you went home and ate. The food was probably way better than anything you could have had out.