Saturday, May 31, 2008

Woo hooo. Yesterday I was 187.2. I was a good girl yesterday....I did splurge and eat something that I really didn't need last night. I mean, seriously...did I need that toast 30 minutes after dinner? No...I probably didn't! HOWEVER, I had the points for it! SOOOO you may be wondering what the scales said this morning???? 184.8. WHAT??? What kind of drop is that? I'm not complaining though!

I woke up this morning at around 5AM (5:02 to be exact). I didn't want to move! SO, I just laid in bed, snuggling under the covers until about 5:40. Felt good to be a bum! Side note of funniness. As I was laying there I moved a little bit. Todd was laying next to me (obviously) and he rolled over practically on top of me and held me down and whispered "Do not fidget or move". Well, I couldn't because he was holding me down. I just lay there and he relaxed after a few.......I didn't fidget for a I have no clue what he was dreaming about...but I received my instructions. Anyway, at around 5:40 I got out of bed, went to the bathroom (that's when I weighed myself...woo hooo), grabbed my headphones off my desk and onto the exercise bike I hopped. I rode for about 30 minute......yep, watched the next episode of my the biggest loser while riding. I was off the bike, in and out of the shower and ready for work at 7AM. I was productive with that time. I did a few dishes (I had forgotten my containers from my lunch box last night when I did dishes....and I cleaned a few things out of the refridge), I updated my coupon book, finished my grocery list, and organized some files of recipes. Oh yeah, exciting morning. Now here I am at work.

Todd's plans for today did get cancelled. I think we are going to go see the new Indiana Jones movie. I've heard conflicting things about it....that it's neat to see the characters from the previous movies...but the plot is a little lame. Hmmm who knows. I think we'll see it regardless. I want to walk through the mall and go into the camera store. I've been pondering a new camera for a while....I'm thinking I'm gonna go for it! (Todd's given his ok). And I'll probably get my groceries while in town. I want to run into Sam's Club also.

Candy and bad for me stuff at the movies. The popcorn I can resist from buying. The hard part will be if Todd wants it. Because if he is sitting beside me nibbling.....eii yii yii...that is when I'll find it hard to resist! BUT I will. I do not want to undo my great weight from this morning! If I can hold that weight, it will put me 4.8 pounds from being at goal at my meetings! Woah...I'm still having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that I may get to lifetime SOON!

Uhhh yeah, I guess the camera will be my goal/lifetime reward. :-)


Deborah said...

YAY, you!! You really had a productive morning, and all before work too. Wow! Congrats on the weight loss!

I was about to cover my eyes when you said Todd rolled over and pinned you down. Thought things were going to get X-rated there for a minute.

Tell me how the movie was. I'm an Indiana Jones fan but just don't go to the big screen anymore. I wait for PPV to have it on.

Anonymous said...

You have great motivation!! Good for you! Best of luck reaching your weight loss goals...

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary Fran,

Well done on dropping from 187 to 184 and being so close to goal -- at the moment your weigh ins are numbers I *dream* about, I'm still waiting to see 280 on the scales, let alone 180 ... but thanks for the inspiration!

Have a great weekend,