Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Well....I was doing it. My weight was at 189.4 at my highest (or right around there...I'm at work and don't have my 'book' with me to verify. On Monday my weight was at 186.4. I was so proud of myself. And then Tuesday morning.....189.something. ACK! That is enough to make me ill! I do think some of it was water retention. Yesterday we were working outside and I was running to the bathroom literally once every half hour. So I know I was getting rid of water. I didn't weigh myself this i dont' know where I'm at.

I will say though...that I'm sure it wasn't all water. I did a little baking on Monday night...and it's quite possible that I had a little bit of cookie dough. Oh yes, and maybe a bite or two of biscotti dough. Well.....and mabye a lick of cake batter.

Exercise wise...I got my mileage in for last week.......more than my goal of 25 miles per day! Riding on Sunday morning for 11.3 miles helped kick that into gear. Actually, I got some mileage in each day....making 5 miles or more each day. Woo hooo!

Well...yesterday we went to use our new chipper and mower. The mower. What took me 3-4 hours last year with the push mower took me exactly 35 minutes with the riding lawn mower! WOO HOOOO! The chipper.... It works like a charm. Or should I say it worked like a charm....until the starter broke (like the third time we went to use it....but we got two hours of work in with it before that happened). Now we are back to 'fighting' with Lowes. It shouldn't be a fight... started wtih the fact that we actually have delivery coming today. Well, when we called to talk to them about an exchange.. (nope..I don't want that bad boy broke the first day we used it...I want an exchange)...anyway,they checked and promised delivery today. Well this morning they called and told us that. Number one, the chipper isn't coming...they dont' have any (AGAIN....this sounds familiar!) and by the aren't getting a delivery today..the only delivery going to Sharpsburg is goign to Darlene Churchey. We politely told them (again...we told them in the store) taht Darlene Churchey is the person that had the number BEFORE us. (Ironically enough, Darlene was a good friend of Todd's grandmother....and she goes to our church....what a coincidence). They then told us that 'oh well..we can't change it's already being delivered. OHHHH NO! I was already at work when Todd relayed this information to me. So I got on the horn and called Lowes.....asked to go to a supervisor immediately. I told her that my frustration level is reaching peak proportions. I told what happened last week and how we had planned to one day to be home for the delivery...but they messed it up so we had to wait and take more time off work (Todd wasn't able to go to the studio...had to cancel a session) for them to fix their mistake last week. AND then this week the same thing! The supervisor apologized and was like, "no, we'll find one at a different store and try to get it to you today." Well, they got the drivers of the truck to bring back the mistaken delivery to our place. And the delivery guys told todd that they didn't have the chipper...and they dont' know much about it...except that we will be getting it today. What a mess! I hate to have to pull the supervisor bit...but that seems to be the only way we can get anything done! I'm fed up with Lowes! BUT, the good thing. I have to admit, I called Todd's idea to get a chipper and make our own mulch a hairbrained idea. I was totally skeptical. Well...turns out (when the chipper is working) it is a wonderful idea. This thing turns these 3 inch in diameter (and long...some up to 10 feet long) branches into this fine chips....we have started a mulch pile off to the side. So the boy came up with a good one! Nope...don't brag him up too much when you see him....he will be too difficult to live with!

Hopefully Dad won't have problems with his new mower that he got from Lowes. I've told him that if he gets it put together on Friday...that on Saturday or Sunday I'll mosey into town and mow the restaurant, their house and my grandmothers yard. It shouldn't take long for those little postage stamp sized yards....even with push mowing...tee hee hee. (and good exercise).

As forementioned, I'm back at work after having a few days off to celebrate our anniversary. HOPEFULLY, the chipper will be there when I get off work at we can work out in the yard a bit. Well, if the rain holds off. It's a 20% chance today (10% chance this afternoon) So the odds are with us...but this every day being dreary and overcast makes you wonder. The rain better hold off...I was outside this morning in 45 degree temps (it's supposed to get to 60 today) hanging clothes on the line!

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