Friday, April 11, 2008

Am I on a see-saw???

If I even have one bite extra it seems as if my weight skyrockets! I was I'm back up after having a little snitch that I tried to eradicate by riding the exercise bike extra in I rode 25.3 miles yesterday!!!! Am I just doomed? NO.....I've got to get rid of that mentality! I will do this!!!!!

Here is something that I found on a journal online. It is from a lady that lost a lot of 145 pounds in 14 months. And she gained it all back....relatively fast also. Now she is slowly losing. Happy to be losing slowly and here is something that she idea she has on this weight loss thing....sounds like it may fit.
I may not have this weight loss thing figured out yet, but there is one thing I have learned for sure. Losing weight fast may look good momentarily, but unless I'm willing to eat that way for the rest of my will not stay off. I lost 145 pounds in about 14 months....that's very quick. It was quick because I was never happy with a small loss, so I kept cutting foods out of my diet to keep the scale moving down quickly. In the beginning, when I was following the WW program, I was eating everything and I was losing. But the minute those losses slowed down to a slower (and very normal!) pace, I would panic and stop eating some other food group. When I tried to add foods such as bread, cereal, potatoes, pizza, etc, back into my diet....not only did I start craving it from eliminating them all for a year and a half, but the weight starting piling back on twice as fast as I lost it. I would eat a sandwich and chips, and gain five pounds was like a bad dream that I couldn't wake up from, and it left me dazed when it was over, hating myself......and searching for answers.

That does sound very true. I've limited myself greatly over the last few. I've never elminated though. BUT, once I eat something that I've limited greatly...oh my word...I crave it sooooo bad! AND yes.....the weight comes back really quickly! Will my body ever regulate????

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