Saturday, April 05, 2008

Feeling much better

Things just kept going catawumpus belly up for me. I could get no control. Friday morning however, I woke up and got on the scales. 189.4!!!! EEECCCCHHHH I kept a tenuous hold on my eating all day Friday. And thus far today, Saturday, I've been able to keep a loose grip on my eating. It's rough. I just want to eat eat eat! BUT I'm not doing it. I refuse to go backwards any longer! I've been exercising......getting in my miles for my challenge. TOday I went out and jogged for 2 miles. I'm planning on getting on the exercise bike to bring myself up t0 5 miles for today...but hoping for at least 7 for today.'s a story for you. On one hand, I'm flattered...but I'm also freaked by it! Working at the bank we have regulars that come through. Like especially on Friday's like clockwork. I chit chat with them all...and it's cool. Well last night one of hte regulars came through the window. I did his transaction and before he pulled away, he picked up an evelope and stuck it in the bucket or me to pull back inside. At first I thought it was something he just wanted me to interoffice to another department...but, He said, "here's something to make you smile". He started to pull away ever so slowly as I opened this sealed envelope. Inside there was a piece of paper and on it were the words. "I think you are SO hot!" He drove away then. This guy is married....probably only about 5-10 years older than I. I have to wait on him every Friday night! I can't do it! Yes, I'm flattered that someone thinks I'm hot. (Yeah, that's actually a huge thing...because being the fat girl, I have never been told that much. Yeah, my parents say I'm good looking...and my husband.....but do they count???) BUT come hand someone a note that says that.....someone you deal with proffessionally??????? It's a bit junior highish isn't it???? YES, I showed it to Todd...he's teasing me about it. However, I"m also teasing him. I asked him to do something trivial last night and he complained...and I was like, "I bet my not so secret admirer wouldn't complain!"

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