Thursday, April 03, 2008


Yes...I'm depressed and down in the dumps still!

I did get the house cleaned yesterday. That's about the only positive thing I've accomplished the last day and a half. Lets see...yesterday morning...I decided to hang my wash out on the electricity and all clothes smell so darn nice when they are hung out to dry (ok, sorry to rub it in...with allergies that's probably not a nice thing). ANYWAY, I got out there, and I got just about the whole load up on the first line and was just about ready to head in to put the next load in the washing maching when I heard this little pop.....and down went my clothes. YEP...the line broke. In all fairness...the line was old. BUT STILL! NEXT, we were waiting around for LOwes to deliver our wood chipper, new mower and sheds. THey got there we were darn excited. Well...the first words out of their mouth was "the chipper is not here". Seems as though even though we ordered it (early enough for the special order...or whatver) they sold we now had tow ait for them to order it again. OK......we swallowed our dissapointment...we were hoping to start chipping up some of the brush piles that we have around here! NO PROBLEM...we'll start putting up a shed.....a 'mower house' as my mom called it. WAIT A SECOND!!!!!! Where is the flooring kit that was supposed to come free with the sucker!!!!!!! I called back to Lowes immediately....and got transferred to kingdom come......and then transferred again. Finally they took my number and said they would call me back. Meanwhile, TOdd and I decided that since everything else was a bust we would start scrapping the front deck to get it ready to paint. I had just bought a handy dandy Kobalt (nice brand) scrapper.......less than 5 minutes into the process.....the stupid thing broke! Lowes never called back yesterday. WE did go and buy new clothes line and I did get that repaired yesterday evening. THEN lets Oh yes, my oven rack came (I"ve only got one...which is a really need to have two)......they sent me the wrong one. I paid a stinkin' $10 shipping fee to ship this rack that was only worth $16...and now I have to pay to ship it back AND still pay to have the correct one shipped to me!

Can I just rewind and start the month again?????? Oh weight is still up! And not going down any! OF course maybe my eating would be a culprit as to why it's still going up! ARRGGHHH I need to get myself under control (of course my husband asking me to make cookies for him to take somewhere this afternoon didn't help my plan this morning any!) And yes...I"m depressed about this weight thing also! I'm a mess!

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