Saturday, December 01, 2007

Happy December

The cookie making last night went fairly well. I took a small amount of raw cookie dough....probably less than or equal to one cookie and I ate one completed/baked cookie. The rest of the time I chewed gum. Todd did ask for popcorn when I was done I did make that and I had a small bowl. (the problem with that...he likes parasean cheese on his). So this morning I stepped on the scale...up one pound. WHAT??? I actually HAD the points for the cookies......I had the points for the popcorn...WHAT'S up with that????? Well, I did wake up thirsty, and as I realized/wrote about last the time you are thirsty you are already dehydrated. Last week I was up a pound the morning I woke up thirsty. ALSO, I had not...well.....eliminated my waste before my weigh in. That I know can also affect it by at least a pound (from my experience). SOOO in light of those two things....I think being a pound up isn't all that bad!!!!

I plan on eating tonight at the party. I think it was last years Christmas party (the same people) that I ate before I went to the party and then didn't eat there. I'm planning on eating lightly for that I can have a taste of the good stuff tonight. After I've had a HEALTHY portion. (not healthy as in a large portion...but healthy as in healthy portions and options) I am going to pop the gum into my mouth and chew chew chew my way into good health!

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