Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Third Times a charm

Yes, this would be my third entry for today. However, I have some "gem's" that I'd like to put down to remember.

I'll start first with my weigh in ..... 1.8 pounds down. Could have been more if I would have been SMART about the sodium yesterday. But oh well, a loss is a loss. That was a respectable loss.

Sherry told me about something she had heard recently. It was in conjunction with how people tend to throw in the towel when they've made one bad choice. For example, if they eat poorly for one meal, they throw in the towel and give up for the rest of the day...or the week or even the month. Well, the analogy that was used to show how crazy that concept is was, If you have a dozen eggs and you break one...do you throw out the other 11?

We were also talking tonight about how I'm happy that I'm losing the weight more slowly. I shared my frustration at how slowly I'm losing.....especially when I see other people seemingly just drop the pounds. I know in my heart that the way that I"m doing it is the healthy way....and the way that is really going to enable me to keep it off for life....but it just gets so frustrating sometimes! So I thought I'd come home and vent here a bit!

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