Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I'm royally ticked off!!!!!!! Yesterday I was 185....today, I'm 188...and tonight is my weigh in. I KNOW what I did......too much salt yesterday. 100% my fault! I actually stayed within my points...and there is no way I gained 3 pounds in one day! But it will reflect on the scales tonight....I'm going to drink drink drink today......stopping at like 4 or so (I never drink in the 2-3 hours befor my weigh in) in hopes that it may start to counter act all the salt before my weigh in.

Today is a short day at work! Woo hooo! This morning Todd and I are going to take another load of stuff from the trailer up to the Rescue Mission. Part of me kicks myself...I could be making some bucks off the stuff that I"m sending up there. It's stuff I no longer want. However...that just seems really selfish. Finding this stuff at the Rescue Mission can make someone really happy...brighten the life of someone. PLUS, the money that they make off of these items really does go to a good cause!

Got a REALLY cool wedding gift idea yesterday from my boss/manager! I'm stoked...because we have a handful of friends that have weddings coming up!

Tomorrow Todd and I have off. I think we are planning on finishing off the garden. We have left the garden go.....still picking and eating off the garden as the weather remained nice. Of course on Sunday we heard about the frost warning so we went out and picked the last of everything. We still had hot peppers, lima beans and some tomatoes. It was amazing to see these really healthy looking plants with flower/buds on them at the end of October! So now we want to go out and pull the rest of the plants (we pulled a good many of them when we picked the other day), do our fall tilling, spread our compost, cover it with straw and call it quits for the winter. I also have to mow at the trailer.....HOPEFULLY for the last time this year! and hopefully for the last time EVER with a push mower! :-) So I'll be getting in a good workout I guess! Yeah, I admit...other than the time consumption, it's been good for me! At least on Wednesday I won't be sweating like a banshee when I mow (I hope!)

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