Sunday, August 27, 2006

Slow Sunday Morning

Our church starts late so it has been a lazy Sunday morning. I woke up and laid in bed a while reading. Pretty much between sentences (or at least every time I turned the page), I told myself to get out of bed and read while riding the exercise bike. Uhhhh, never happened.

Todd and I went to my bosses pool last night (she is out of town and offered the pool to us while they are gone). I tried to remain active the whole time I was in the pool by swimming and jumping around. I at first got angry at Todd because he was hanging on me and wanting to play in the pool. I quickly realized though that it doubled my weight and resistance in the pool...making my work out much more intense. We are planning on going to the gym this afternoon after church. We really need to get in a routine of visiting the gym again! That is the only way that I am going to get this weight off...and that is to exercise it off...while I am eating healthy!

I'm doing ok with the eating portion. I haven't really weighed myself. I'm trying to stay away from my scales...they flucuate way too much. Plus when I don't see drastic movement (yes, I know..slow weight loss is better) then I get all depressed and worried about it. I am thinking that I need to forget my scales and just weigh in at weight watchers. Well...maybe at the gym to see how they weigh me!

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