Friday, January 13, 2006

Slow day

Yeah, thank God....Todd's colonoscopy went well! The only downside....we had to take it relatively easy today. SOOOOOO back on the bike for me. The thirty minute preprogrammed ride is still kickin' my butt....arrgghhh! We each go for our appointments with the trainer at the gym next Friday. goals to tell the trainer.....lose weight, tone to try to keep from getting flabby skin hanging off my body, be healthy. If I lose 2.1 pounds a week..then I can be 150 by my next birthday. I'm gonna ask the trainer if this is a realistic goal....or what she would consider a realistic goal......assuming that I am willing to work. :-)

Doing pretty good with eating...cutting WAY back. After the colonoscopy, Todd wanted a sub sandwich. We stopped and I actually had a package of sweet rolls in my hand and was waiting in line to pay. I had to actually take a deep breath and put them back. It is a thing of totally conquering these bad habits!

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