Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Gym

Yesterday Todd and I went to the gym and did our first workouts there. I did 45 minutes on the treadmill and then did the circuit weights. I have come to a couple conclusions. Yes, my riding my exercise bike and hiking on my own have really helped. BUT, I worked myself much much harder at the gym. In a way, this may be good. I work myself hard at the gym...and then on my off days I still exercise...but not working so hard, giving my body a bit of a rest! The other conclusion I came to. My legs are strong (that would have been fairly obvious if I had thought of the fact that I bike and hike a lot!). On my legs, I was pushing upwards of 100 pounds....but on my upper body....30 about did me in! :-) day's my arms that are a bit sore! :-) I did the machines for the abs...and when I did my crunches this morning, I could feel that twinge of soreness when I worked them...but otherwise they are ok.!

I'm excited! I'm looking forward to talking to the trainer to see what I need to do to accomplish my goals...and actually getting started on a real routine. :-)

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