Friday, March 17, 2023

You win Some You Lose Some

 You win some you lose some.  That is how life goes sometimes.  That is definitely the way it goes within a weight loss journey!   This week was a not so much a win on the scale!

I had a great week.  I stayed the course.  I did what I was supposed to do.  I exercised.  I tracked.  I drank my water....all except for ONE day.  I had a great week!  In fact, in my daily weigh ins, my weight was going down!  On Thursday, the day before my official weigh in I was showing down by 2 pounds! I was confident that I was going to knock the weight off the charts for my official weigh in!

But remember when I said I didn't drink enough water on ONE day?  That day happened to be on Thursday....the day before my weigh in.  I didn't realize it until late at night....too late to recoup!   And honestly, downing a ton of water right before you go to bed is NOT wise....not if you want to sleep the whole night through at least!   In fairness, my water consumption was about 55 ounces.  So not too far off from my minimum....but about 25-30 ounces from my normal consumption!  So that was the first strike against me in terms of a great weigh in.   The second issue?  We had bacon and eggs last night for dinner.  Oh my word, that bacon was scrumptious!   But I knew at my very first bite that it was going to haunt me!  This pack of bacon was so extremely salty!  Salt does it to me.  I will retain water like crazy!  I knew it last night!  I knew it this morning when I woke up and my mouth was dry.  I said to myself "this is NOT going to go well on the scales".   And yes, I know that it is not a TRUE weight gain...but it is still yucky to see the scales go up!

I actually thought about NOT weighing myself this morning!  Just avoid the scales all together!  No need to even see the weight!  But I have been doing so good with my religious tracking and I didn't want to mess up my perfect streak.  I have also always had this belief that it is better to face the awful truth.  I always think that if I don't weigh in because I feel/know that my number is going to be bad, then I am in the dark.  I don't know where I am.  The theory that people use to skip weigh ins is that they don't want to face the disappointment and they can 'get the weight off before my next weigh in".  That is a great theory.  But I would rather face the truth on the week that I expect it versus a following week when I am on track and I weigh myself and still see my weight up (because I haven't lost all the 'bad week' pounds).  Ok, I am not explaining this well.....maybe I'm just too tired.  But if I have a bad week and weigh in and see a 5 pound gain....yes I will be disappointed but I expect it and can look at my actions from the previous week to account for the gain. And then the following week I can see how much I actually recouped from my gain...if I lose all 5 pounds...awesome.  If I only lose 2 of the five pounds, I can still look at my week and see how successful I was.  I fear that if I don't weigh in that I will have gained 5 pounds and have no clue that it was the next week when I work my tail end off and lose a fabulous amount of 3 pounds (or whatever) it will STILL show me gaining weight and that  I would be totally demoralized to work hard but show a gain!   Even though the gain actually was because I didn't face the music at the right time!

Ok, I totally messed up that explanation!  SO, let's just get to my weigh in.   On Thursday I was showing two pounds down.   On Friday my official weigh in, I was showing only 0.4 pounds down .   Sure, that's disappointing, but I know what happened!   You win lose some!

So I am drinking up!  (Water of course!)

I am so glad that the weekend is here. It is shaping up to be another crazy busy weekend. I have so much to do that it's ridiculous!  But that's ok.  Hopefully we will be able to get Zoey out again for some trips away.... trying to get her used to being in public without acting the fool1  (Let me tell you, taking a 60 pound puppy somewhere and then trying to contain her when she gets over-excited is a workout!) One of the trips last weekend had me sweating like I had just run a half marathon!   But hey, I was still smiling!  (Don't believe it for a second...she looks innocent in this picture but she had just been giving me a run for my money minutes earlier!)


peppylady (Dora) said...

I like bacon, also.
Coffee is on and stay safe

Amy said...

As someone who eats keto, I salt my food liberally but last time I had bacon I was stunned by how salty it is. I like the bags of Hormel real bacon pieces, it's much less salty and I don't have to cook it!

Paula C said...

I had another gain. I just feel like I will never get it off. It has been a year! I am at a loss of what to do. I read you to help me not to give up. I am so very glad you're finding your way. It means there may be hope for me yet.

jen said...

Yum, bacon my favourite too especially if it’s crispy.

Anonymous said...

0.4 down is still DOWN. Maybe weight loss is like raising a puppy, lots of training and discipline needed but eventually it will stick and it will be so worth it 🐶❤️