Tuesday, March 21, 2023


 I am totally struggling! I had a fantastic time last week in regards to my weight loss journey and now it seems to have totally slipped away into this big messy pile!

It started on Saturday morning.  I woke up and I just felt the heavy weight on me.  I was going to visit my mom.  I was expecting the visit to be a really rough one based on how she was on Friday night when I had talked to her and when my brother had talked to her.  I was not looking forward to going.  I got myself ready and headed out the door early. Sitting and worrying about what the visit may hold was not going to do me any good.  I didn't eat anything before I left...of course not; I am doing the 16:8 intermittent fasting plan.  So I wouldn't be due to break my fast until lunch time.   I was driving down the road and trying to psych myself up for the visit and all I could think about was food.   Food has always been my comfort and I wanted some that morning.  I got off the interstate halfway there and picked up a fast-food breakfast.  Not Healthy.  Not in keeping with my Intermittent Fasting plan.  NOT something I even needed.  That was purely me giving in to my food addiction.

It didn't end there.  I got home and I ate lunch.  And when Jason mentioned Cheeseburgers I was like "lets go to Five Guys".  I didn't get the mini cheeseburger.  I got the double patty one.  I also didn't forego the french fries.  No siree.  I ate French fries also.  My ww points were like 77 for the day ....calories were about 2200.  CRAZY

Sunday I did a bit better.  I didn't break my fast until the proper time.  I didn't cave and eat fast food.  I did indulge a bit too much.  But in the grand scheme I did better!

Monday I fell apart in other ways.  First of all, my glasses fell apart!  I have NEVER broken a pair of glasses.  I literally picked them up and the arm fell off.  Looking at the, not sure that they can be fixed...although I will try!  I didn't get any reading in...and I didn't get any knitting done.  So I totally messed up my Project 50 for the day.     I will say that reading is difficult with an old pair of glasses that are only for nearsighted and do not have the progressive lenses.  I have had a low grade headache since wearing the old glasses.    BUT, that really is just an excuse.  So I will be reading today no matter wht happens with my old glasses.  THe knitting....I have 40 minutes of kitting completed for the week.  I need 2 hours.  So i have 1 hour and 20 minutes left to finish ....by midnight tonight!   I'm gonna try!

I'm not out for the count.  But I've really struggled these last few days!   

And just because...here is a picture of Zoe!


Paula C said...

I have been struggling for the last year. I am so disappointed in myself. But I plan ion pushing forward.

Amy said...

I know everyone loves unsolicited advice but IF is really difficult to stick to if you are not in ketosis. The reason is because when you are eating carbs your body adapts to burning carbs as your main fuel source but carbs burn fast and you get hungry again sooner. When you go low enough on your carb intake for a few weeks it puts you into ketosis where your body uses fat as the fuel source, which burns slower so you are not hungry as quickly. Going keto really helped me be able to fast with ease.
That said, stress eating is so understandable. Don't beat yourself up, just get back on the wagon when you can.
Also, as a former optician, it's worthwhile to bring your glasses in to see if they can be repaired or if you can just buy a new frame to fit your lenses into since the lenses are the expensive part. In some cases they can just order you one temple (the arm). If you strain your eyes it can lead to a migraine.

jen said...

Believe in yourself.
Unfortunately loosing weight is not easy, we know that. Life and it’s
“drama’s” have a habit of getting I the way.
But day by day and persistence will win…and you have that, c’mon
you can do it.