Tuesday, March 28, 2023

I couldn’t do it

​how many posts have I started with ‘another crazy week’?  I honestly think I need to go back and count!  It seems as if life is just nuts and doesn’t slow down!

I’ve been a bit stressed of late.  Zoe just turned 6 months old this mi th and she has decided to exert her stubborn will…..on me!    On no, she is an Angel (mostly) for Jason.  With me she is a little hellion!  I turn my back and she has her nose pressed against the bird cage.  I look the other way and she is digging into the recycle bin and shredding cardboard.  Running like a fool on the leash. It’s like every which way it’s something.  Worst of all is our forays outside.  She goes out happily enough.   But when it’s time to come in.  No dice!

So let me explain.  I have her all day …I take her out for her first potty at 5am while Jason is in the shower.  I have no issues with her coming in because she wants her breakfast.   Jaosn leaves at 6:3 and we are fine.  I take her out at about 7:30 and we roll around in the yard for about thirty minutes before I start work.   Once work starts I have very limited time that I can be away from my desk (yes it is monitored).  I get two 15 minute breaks and a 30 minute lunch.  I set an alarm for 13 minutes so I know that my time is about up and to get back to my desk (it was 14 but with Zoe I changed it to 13 in case I am outside).  Zoe was doing fantastic.   She would hear the alarm and immediately turn and walk toward the back door zzz. All was going smashingly well.  Until it didnt.   At the end of last week Zoe decided to start ignoring the alarm and ignoring me.   That alone is bad.  But she also would lay down in the yard and refuse to move.  70 pounds of dead weight!  I was back late from every break and lunch for 4 days.  I was so stressed!   I tried everything and ended up dragging her or carrying her.  On Monday I was dragging her into the house and she slipped her collar.  Luckily she was being stubborn and just laid there and didn’t realize she was free!   I started putting the harness on her every time we went out.   That worked a bit better because the harness has a handle and I literally pick her up and walk dragging her.  She usually starts reluctantly walking when she is in the walking position.  Silly dog…but the being late stresses me out big time!

I’ve also been stressed out over this project 50 thing that I started on March 1.   In particular the stress comes from the learning a new skill.  I chose to learn to knit.   I hate it!  It’s been a chore each and every time I go to pick up the knitting needles!   I dread it.  The time goes so incredibly slow.  I find no enjoyment from it!  I have been pushing through…because maybe I don’t like it because I’m not good at it!   Maybe I just need to knit enough to get me over that barrier and then I will love it! So I have continued on.   This week I came to the conclusion that putting myself through misery is NOT worth it.  Would I have ever learned to live kitting.  Maybe.  But probably not because I abhorred every minute of it!  I instead pulled out my long neglected quilt and started to work on it and loved it!  I had the time of my life.  The time flew!  

Is it a failure? Maybe.  But I’m looking at it as a victory.  I am listening to my mind and my body and doing something to make me happy!


Amy said...

Life is too short to force yourself to do something you really don't enjoy! I think sometimes I start to learn something and realize I'm just not great at it and don't have the time or mental energy to invest in getting good at it and let it go. If it's right for me I will pick it up again sometime down the road.
I am no dog expert but shouldn't Zoe be able to go from your breakfast to lunchtime without a break? Mine goes out before work, on lunch break, right after work then once more before bed. Just a thought. That would stress me out! I work from home too and it took my dog a bit to get used to our new potty schedule but now he's like an alarm clock he's so used to it. I hope the harness works well for you!

Anonymous said...

Why not get an indoor kennel? Dogs learn to love them; feeling safe and knowing it is quiet time when they are in the kennel. Maybe you can become the alpha dog in your Zoe relationship....it's kind of like not being your children's friends, but being their disciplinarian and someone they can rely on.

I used an indoor kennel for my giant GSD. He loved it.

SANRDJ said...

Puppies are so fun... until they are not! LOL.

Here is a suggestion to get her inside. Have a special game she can play when she gets inside. Maybe the reward of a peanut butter kong or a snuffle mat with a few treats in it. I'm not sure if she's food motivated but it might help to let her know that if she comes inside when you want her to, that there will be a reward in it for her.

I have two and they work like a clock. They know exactly when they are going to be fed, when they go for their walk, when they have their play time in afternoon, when they nap, when it's dinner and when it's late night walk. I find if I stagger activities or change it up for them once and awhile, that they get more excited...and then they are not sitting by my desk 10 minutes before my lunch begging me to go outside!

good luck.... they are a lot of work, but it does get soooo much easier!