Wednesday, November 30, 2022

HOw in the world?

 How in the world is it really the end of November?  This last month has flown by!  And seriously, is it really the Christmas season already?  I'm NOT READY!  

I have been busy.  It feels as if I am on the go all the time.  The only time I have to sit is when I'm at work (I work a desk job).  Every night after work we are out running and doing something or the other.  Consequently, I am always feeling as if I am failing at everything,  because I feel so rushed.

Let me just get it out there and over with.  November saw no weight loss on my part!  I am disgusted with myself and KNOW that I have to make changes in my lifestyle.  The good thing,, I'm not gaining.  I am maintaining.  So while I WANT to be thinner, I am counting a maintain as a huge victory.

In my last post I wrote about I had this depression (or whatever you want to call it) culminate in a panic attack.  LUCKILY, that bad one was the only one.  I have managed to walk away, divert my thoughts and attention and have managed to keep the anxiety at a more manageable level. (Meaning I haven't had any more instances when I can't breathe and am sure I'm going to die).  Jason sticks pretty close to me and keeps an eye on me pretty much all the time.

Yes, Jason is able to keep an eye on me pretty much all the time because he is still off of work.   We have passed the first complete month since his accident with the axe. He is now able to walk on the foot.  And we are working to be able to put his foot in a shoe.  The wound was still open and draining at his last visit (which was right before the month mark) but he did get the stitches out.   So per doctors orders, he is still restricted until that wound is totally healed and until he can manage to put his foot in a shoe. (and walk and move it normally). Until then, he will not be cleared for work.  

I somehow managed to complete my porch scene in miniature.  The kit was ordered back before we bought our house and I have managed to carve out some times here and there (can we say 3-4 in the morning when I can't sleep) to work on this scene.  My scene is "Appalachian Wash Day" and I am quite happy with it.  It was created for a dollhouse creating competition.  I was seriously thinking I was going to be working up until the last minute (Submission Deadline is December 9th) but I managed to complete it and I got my pictures taken and my submission was entered just this week.  It was a good project for me as my mind tends to focus on my current projects (and ideas for projects) so that took me away from the anxiety at times.  

Christmas is right around the corner.  This year will be a small Christmas for Jason and I as he is out of work and that means we are a single paycheck family for a bit.   We have decided that we will do a nicer gift giving next year...maybe a small Christmas in July.  BUT, we did put up the stockings and the tree! (and I will make sure that there is something in Jason's stocking on Christmas, especially knowing that I hung the stockings and I saw him feeling the toe of his stocking within an hour to see if there was anything in it!)  Yes, the animals have to share their stocking!  

December is my birth month.  I can't believe that I will be 50 years old this year!  My word!   And that age is just one more reason to finally get my butt in gear and get healthy!  I'm not waiting until the new year.  I'm planning on getting a jump start on the new year and I'm starting now.  (even though my brain is screaming to 'have dessert tonight and start tomorrow....and better yet, enjoy December and start in the new year!).  


Amy said...

Nice to see you back! It is challenging to think about eating clean with Christmas looming, but it seems your luck is looking up finally and maybe you can find some mental peace in time for your birthday!

Liz Cockrum said...

Glad things are doing better. Love your miniature scene. I agree when working with minis or any hobby it helps with the anxiety. I had a heart scare during the summer. Things are okay now, but I was told to stop exercising. I can now resume exercising, but it has been hard since I started stress eating. I have gained 10 pounds or more. I quit getting on the scale. I was thinking I would start back to it in the New Year. But why put it off. I am 4 years your senior. You are right we need to take care of ourselves. Hope Jason continues to improve. Thanks for sharing and happy birthday, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

MaryFran said...

@ Liz Thank you very much! I am so glad to hear that things are ok after you heart scare this summer! It sounds like you are in the same place as I am...starting to realize that our good health will be harder to maintain as we get older and that the extra weight needs to come off!

MaryFran said...

@Amy! Thanks! I am definitely hoping that my luck has changed for the better!

jen said...

December did come around quick, the year has flown by.
Happy Birthday month 🎂
Christmas will be here too in a blink of the eyes…enjoy the festivities and look forward to
a happier new year.
Hope Jason continues to improve.

MaryFran said...

@Jen Thanks! THis month is always a whirlwind too! I'm hoping that things slow down though!