Thursday, November 11, 2021

best laid plans

I was sure that this week was going to go as planned.   I was going to fast for 19 hours and have a five hour eating window.  I was going to exercise and ride that bike for at least 30 minutes each day.  It was non negotiable in my mind!

Except, well….I guess it was negotiable!

I did NOT fast for 19 hours a day. 

I did NOT ride that exercise bike.

I am disappointed with myself. But I am going to focus on what I did do.

I DID do a clean fast for about 17.5 hours each day.   

I DID walk after work each day.

I DID track my food and keep it close to 1400-1500 (or less). calories each day.

my Week may not have gone as planned.  But I did make good positive steps.


jen said...

You DID more than you did NOT
Be proud 🙂

Paula C said...

You did well this week. My week didn't go as well as I hoped but I stuck with my exercise plan. I kept snack free evenings but I need to eat less.

Mrs Swan said...

I still call the week a win.

You did not hit your exact goals but you were still pretty close to the mark.

Tiffany said...

Be proud of what you did accomplish

Amy said...

You could have camped on your couch eating nothing but donuts and pizza but you didn't. I am glad you are celebrating the small battles because they may seem less significant than one huge win but in the end, success is simply a series of small battles won over and over.