Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Fitness Levels

There was a time that I was in super fit!  Sure I was still overweight but I was a machine!  I have deluded myself into thinking that I am still there!  Boy was I wrong!

Being Fit

6 years ago I was in super fit!  I was about 30 (give or take) pounds above my goal weight but that didn’t stop me!  I was doing Zumba, sometimes up to five or six hour long classes  a week.  I was running anywhere between fifteen to twenty miles a week.   I hiked….a lot!   I was active and felt amazing!  There was one time where Jason and I were talking about doing planks and I dropped to the floor and did a plank…and held it didn’t a few minutes with no issue.   The same thing with lunges…I could knock out scads of them without breaking a sweat. I am telling you, I was in shape!   

I called myself the fittest fat woman in a joking manner. But I didn’t realize how true that was!   And I didn’t put a value on it.  I didn’t protect that status.  I didn’t realize it until just recently when I tried to do my new fitness routine just how badly I have fallen!

The Fitness Awakening

I started my 12 week plan a few days ago. (You can read about it here.). I dove right into the strength training.   I was even cocky!   Boy was I in for a rude awakening!

Day one rolled around and I eagerly started my basic strength training moves.   I scoffed a bit at the ease that this was going to be.  20 squats?   Child’s play!   15 seconds to hold a plank, I could do that blindfolded with my hands tied around my back (figuratively speaking).   I had this in the bag!   I was actually feeling proud and cocky.  I vowed that I would be doing multiple sets within a week if not that first week because I wanted to give myself a great strength training workout!   It all came crashing down around me, and it didn’t take long!

That first day, I could barely make it those 15 seconds for that plank. (Today I’m scheduled for 40 seconds…dear heavens help me!)  Crunches, lunges,  jumping jacks, butt kicks , push-ups and wall sits.  It just spiraled out of control!  One set and I was panting and glad to be done!   Yikes what happened to my fitness?

What happened?  I didn’t value it and it slipped from my grasp!   I lost my fitness level.  I was so disheartened! But,  I didn’t let my revelation drive me away!   I did my ‘simple’ strength routine the next day too. (Although I now knew that it was not simple!)  And that my friends is when the abs started to scream!   Oh yes.  My abs are so sore!    But I’m weirdly proud of that.  You see, sore abs are the first step to bringing back my fitness levels.

Fitness Going Forward

I am not letting up.   I will be doing my strength training routine today also.  I am scheduled and plan for  5 days a week.  And let me tell you, I’ll be so ready for my two rest days over the weekend!   I am only doing one set of my exercises at the moment.   I know I was bold and vowed to do two sets to start and then up it as the twelve weeks progressed.  But one set is enough to do me in right now!  I admittedly looked at my schedule for today and groaned when I saw the reps that I need to do for my crunches…and the seconds for my plank.  Yikes!  These muscle aches aren’t going away anytime soon!   But it will all be worth it in the end!   I will settle for the title of fittest fat person!  But this time I’m really focusing on my eating also…because I plan on being a fit thin person!!!


Mrs Swan said...

I do too love that sore feeling when you know that you have worked out. I have not felt it in a loooong time. LOL I want to do a basic lift routine and set myself up to do things but never follow through. It is too easy to watch videos and be like yeah I wanna do that. But never actually DO THE THING LOL

I have ropeless jump ropes. Weights. Kettlebell. Slamball. I even have the TikTok pink hula hoop that I have never actually used to work out. Whoops.

Good job starting!!!!!

peppylady (Dora) said...

Since the sun is shinning so brightly. It been over 100 degree, my fitness program is on hold.
Coffee is on and stay safe

Lynn said...

It doesn't take too long to get it back! You'll get there faster than you think.

MaryFran said...

I have looked at those ripeness jump ropes! Do you like them….when you used them???

MaryFran said...

I do most of my stuff inside! I do walk outside most days for at least a half hour…but most everything else is in my house!

MaryFran said...

I sure hope so!

MaryFran said...

I sure hope so!