Thursday, June 17, 2021

A thread

 I am holding on by a thread.  

Last week was rough.  I was also determined to make it through the week without overindulging with my food.  I was determined to keep my calories in check.  I was not going to let anything stop me!   I was super amazed with myself.  I managed to navigate a week off of work just fine.  My calories were in check each and every day!  I did it!  This was super exciting because I'm a stress eater.   But I did it!

And then came the weekend.  I did pretty good.....kinda.  UNTIL I made the edible cookie dough!  

I KNOW how many calories I have to eat (or not eat as the case may be) for me to post losses on the scale.  So why is it so darn difficult!  By the time the weekend was over I was eating....healthy but about 300-400 calories over my goal each day.  And while you may say "300 calories Maryfran, that's not a big deal"   For me and my body it is.  That is the difference between maintaining and losing.  That is sometimes even the difference between gaining and losing!  Insane?  Well yeah, sure.  But it is what it is!

The good thing?  I ate healthy foods.  I loved the Veggie pizza that Jason's mom sent home with us one day.  It was so full of veggies....nice and healthy!  I still had my fruit (that I share with Kiwi) and my veggies.  My calories were just a bit higher that they needed to be. (seriously, 1200 is hard to maintain daily!)

My exercise.....mostly non-existent. I went back to work this week. Jason is still at home as his boss gave him an extra week off for bereavement (and he needed the extra time).  That means that on my breaks instead of hopping on my exercise/spin bike, I went out to the living room to hang out with him.  He is more important at the moment!  

But.....dare I say that I am excited and looking forward to hopping on and getting some miles in again????????

I'm not setting the world on fire....but I AM present and I am not giving up!


Anonymous said...

SANRDJ said...

We tend to give ourselves a pass on the weekend because we've been so good during the week. I know I do. Not intentionally. I have been able to have "on track" weekends, but I feel one just has to put in the extra effort for it. Glad you got through the week and you were there to support Jason but still stick to your goals. Grief is hard, nobody knows how it's going to hit them. You just have to do your best. Take care

Anonymous said...

You did great given all that is going on. I am glad you put Jason first. He needs you now more than ever. Praying for you both during this difficult time. Things will get better but it takes time.


peppylady (Dora) said...

Working and such it hard to stay on track. I never kept journal my food today.
Coffee is on and take care

Lynn said...

I just eat regular cookie dough. What's the difference? I know people say you shouldn't eat cookie dough because of eggs...but I've been eating it all my life!

Unknown said...

tummy tuck Turkey