Monday, December 28, 2020

Shhhhh. I’m not talking about it!

Yes!  It should be a weigh in post!  I am not even going to pretend that it isn’t time for my weigh in!  The time to weigh in has come and gone and here I sit.....quiet.

Nope!  I’m not weigh in in this week!  Suffice it to say that I have however weighed myself each day!  I just am choosing to NOT share.  I am refusing to vocalize it!  (Uhhhhh....I meant to say type it out!).  

Yes, I kinda sorta really lost control.  I have eaten delicious foods galore over the last week!  It’s been pure insanity and I won’t lie....absolutely delicious!  

I am trying to reign myself in NOW and not wait until the new year!   There is no time like now to restart!   That means that I am tracking my food today!  

I am looking forward to the new year.  I have a challenge that I’ll be sharing later this week that I am super excited about.  It should help me immensely in my efforts too!  I am excited to break into my new planner which is laid out and ready for weight loss/healthy living success. (I’ll be sharing that soon also!).   I am ready to rock and roll the year 2021!

So yes, my refusal to talk about and even have an official weigh in is indicative of what the scales are saying.....let’s just say about 2-3 pounds were gained!!!! 


Mary said...

I've been off work and I've gained weight too. I am more active when I'm not working but I seem to eat more. You will get in a routine again.

*Sweat and Sparkle* said...

I skipped weigh-in this past week. I just couldn't face the scales. I will weigh in this Saturday, and it will be a huge gain. I am disappointed in myself but am starting a weight loss challenge in January that I hope will get me back on my feet.

MaryFran said...

Yes...the routine is so good for me! Weekends are always rough and the time off work for those use it or lose it days plus the holidays have done a number!!!

MaryFran said...

It comes on so fast...and I’m not happy. But I’m not giving up. Lessons learned and merriment was had. Now it’s time to get back to it!!!!

SANRDJ said...

I skipped weigh in this week. Well I did look but I didn't like the number.. so not happening this week. Back at it now!

Anonymous said...

I have been discouraged lately. I needed to get this weight off. I had a loss this past week which surprised me. I hope to see another to give me the initiative to even try. I can’t wait to hear about your challenge. Maybe I can join.

Paula C

MaryFran said...

Believe me....I’m right there with ya! I still have one more Christmas event (postponed because they were still covid quarantined) and of course New Year’s Day! But I’m focusing on fixing the lack of water right now!!!

MaryFran said...

You lost!!! Go you!

Feeling discouraged is ok’s part of the journey (unfortunately) but just don’t let it cause you to give up!!! You can definitely join! It involves miles (walked, swim, biked) in the year 2021!