Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Goodbye Garmin Hello ........

 It's watch update time!   Yes, it is time for a new watch!!!!  But what did I get?  Why am I saying goodbye to my Garmin Instinct????   So many questions!!

A few years ago, Christmas of 2016 to be exact, I caved and actually joined the Step counting watch bandwagon.  UP until then I had been using the old style clip on pedometers.  They worked....sporadically so I was quit interested in the Fitbit.  But I didn't cave until I found out that I could receive text notifications through my watch.  Yeah....I wanted that but I sat on the fence and didn't buy it for months.  And finally for Christmas I was gifted the Alta Fitbit! (amazon Affiliate link).  I loved it!  I quickly came to love the text notification and knew that I would never want to be without that again (and in fact when I did go to purchase the next watch, that was one of the must have features!).   I had absolutely no problems with that watch.  It worked like a charm.  It did everything it was supposed to do.  It was a great watch.  I had absolutely no issues with the watch at all. Sure, I had to replace some watch bands here and there, but that is to be expected with most any watch.  This watch saw me through the years 2017, 2018 and part way through 2019!  The watch still works to this day (if I should charge it).  A few months ago I wanted to calculate the accuracy of my current watch so I charged up the Alta and wore both watches for a few days.  It worked great!

Mid way through 2019 I began to think about a new watch.  Why?  Because I could! I was wanting to start to run again and my thoughts turned to Garmin because they had always been the 'premier' watch for sports enthusiast. (at least in my mind).  Ok, ok ok....back when I was running religiously I had really wanted a Garmin but did not have the money to purchase one.  So getting the Garmin was I guess somewhat like completing the full circle and closing the chapter!  Whatever the reason, in mid 2019 I found myself the proud owner of the Garmin Instinct. (Amazon Affiliate Link).    I had more problems with this watch.  Within a month I had to get a replacement watch because of battery issues.  But once I got that straightened out, it seemed to work great.  The watch carried me through the year of 2019 and tracked quite a few bike rides.  It carried me most of the way through 2020 but did get some scratches when I went over the handlebars in my spectacular bike accident!

I have absolutely no problem with the Garmin Instinct watch.  But I couldn't help start looking at other watches.  I wanted something more dainty and more streamlined to compliment my new engagement ring after all!  My employer gives/reimburses their employees for up to $300 each year for fitness related purchases.  I found myself sitting at midway through the month of December and I had not yet spent my $300!  What to buy....what to buy!  Why a new watch of course!

Now don't Garmin Instinct will still be used.  I originally planned to wear it when I ride my bike on the mountain bike trails.  However, Jason has claimed the watch as his own!  I am tickled to see it being used and enjoyed!

I pondered a few different watches but kept going back to my appreciation of my first Fitbit.  So I decided to go Fitbit.  I also debated between the Versa 3 and the Sense. (Amazon Affiliate Link) But I finally decided to purchase the Sense. I have only had it on my arm for a few days but I am really liking it thus far!  I am liking the ease of navigating the screen to see the information.  I have checked the step count against other watches and thus far it is spot on.  It is comfortable to wear and I think this will be a great addition to my fitness plans.  This will be coming in handy big time for my upcoming 2021 challenge.....stay tuned!


Stained Glass Butterfly said...

I love that your employer reimburses fitness purchases. That's great! I used to work for a company that paid for my gym membership. New tech gadgets are exciting. Have fun with it and let us know what you think of it!

Cathy said...

My insurance used to reimburse me up to $20 for a gym membership if I went 20 days in a month. I loved it, until I started just going into the gym to checkin every day and walking back out, just to get the reimbursement. (I was still running, and I did use the gym for fitness classes with my sister, but it was ridiculous).