Monday, January 02, 2017

No failure

Day two of the new year has come and is almost gone.....

How many New Years resolutions have already been broken around the world??? Lots and lots I imagine. I think the worst part of New Years resolutions is that people set goals and within a day or two, or maybe a week or a month or however long into it  they mess up and they throw up their hands as give up.    The secret to attaining goals is to realize there will be mess-ups and faltering steps but to not throw in the towel.  Regroup and move forward!!

But let's not worry about other people's New Years resolutions. How am I doing on my 2017 goals, challenges, hopes and dreams???

Well I am doing fairly well!

Food:   Yesterday the first was excellent.  Today I'm a bit over my calories count , but I'm feeling pretty good about it because my lunch was a salad...a healthy option.  So while my calories were high it was still less than a sandwich and fries AND it was more nutritious and healthy!  Win!!!!!


    *No formal exercise but I'm ok with it.

     *.  2017 miles in 2017?   I'm spot on with my steps!  Why yes I am!   I know that 10k steps is roughly 5 miles and I'm sitting at over 20k steps!!!    I know I need a bit more than 5 miles a that puts me spot on!!  Woohoo!

So the big news?  I have long contemplated getting a Fitbit.   I've looked but I don't make a ton of money...(hahaha I don't even make enough to survive...even though I work full time..that's why I have to live with my parents since my divorce...) spending the money for it has held me back. My aaaahhh-maze-Ing boyfriend got me a Fitbit for Christmas.  (I got the Alta...the one I've been looking  at most recently....).   

So I put it on my arm on Saturday night (we exchanged gifts in Saturday).  And in Sunday I was shocked to see my numbers at 9500 when we got ready to settle on the couch for the evening.  I laughed and walked the length of the rooms two times laughing saying I needed to get my!10k steps.  But eventually settled down on the couch just knowing that I wouldn't have a problem getting the at that point (after the few laps) 300 steps.  And one 10,264.    Today was over 11k!  Yay!!    I days will be the tough one since I work a desk job!!!!

Ohhh...and he also gave me the money for my dollhouse lights!!!  The mini mansion (that's my name for the small house I have just remodeled)

is wired for lights..I asked for the light wire kit for my birthday and my parents supplied!  But I needed the actual lights!   I am so excited to get the money to buy!   I already knew what I wanted so it was a simple thing of logging into the site and hitting buy!   I showed Jason and he approved of my choices. 

Let's see...went into some outlets today and I used some Christmas money (thanks mom and dad) to buy some new tennis shoes...for everyday use and walking!!!!  Yay!!!

So I'm set for a bit!!

So this weekend we wanted to just get away and have a nice quiet weekend to ring in the new year and exchange our Christmas gifts. We succeeded. But we also had some fun....

We visited the Stafford Civil War Park and checked out the historic sites and followed some of the trials....their trail system is all messed up and very poorly marked but we got out and enjoyed it big hike..just a bit of fresh air and some exercise.

We went into Fredericksburg and up to Woodbridge to hit up some stores.

We also checked out the Aquia Episcopal church....built in's so cool looking!!!  The cap stones (the white stones) are from the same quarry that the capital building used.

And the graveyard was old and unique!!

Look at the grave stones with skill and neat!!!

We were checking out the church and looking in the windows. (we were there on a Sunday so no tours available...we plan on going back someday to get a weekday tour!). Jason being curious did his normal routine of trying all doors....he is always doing that and looking in books and crannies!   On the side door his eyes opened wide when the door opened at his touch!  Immediately an alarm began to sound...LOUD!!!!!  Oops!!!!    We did call the church office to apologize and let them know what happened..and which door.  And then we decided to stay until someone came...seriously...historic building..unlocked.  What if someone stumbled upon it and did damage and it somehow got pinned on us!!!  The pastor dude was nice about it when he showed up about 10 minutes later.    So yeah....we set off the alarms in a really old building!!  Oops!   Will we continue to try doors and look in nooks  and crannies??  I'm sure!! And I sure hope so because we see so many neat things that way!!  And yeah...I totally think that they should have offered us a private tour to us for our troubles!!!  Hahaha


TheAgonyOfBeingFat said...

Hahah! Y'all cracked me up by setting off the alarm! :)

I'm impressed that you got so many steps. I've had my fitness tracker for a year and a half and have only made 10,000 steps a handful of times. Maybe I shouldn't tell people that. Oops.

I think you're off to a great start!

Lynn said...

That's funny, I always check doors too of old cabins, lookouts, etc. And peek in the windows.

Out of my head said...

OMG LOL that is so funny. I suppose you can call it an adventure lol. I use my Samsung Gear S2 and love it. I am sure you will love your new Fitbit. 2017 is going to be fantastic.

Cathy said...

I don't think I've ever mentioned it, but when I was in high school my parents bought me a dollhouse. I LOVED that dollhouse, and I LOVED decorating it, and furnishing it. Unfortunately when I went to college I couldn't take it with me, and then I've never lived in a house big enough for me to take "home" so it sits in my parents house. In fact, my mom bought herself a dollhouse a few years ago and "confiscated" some of my furnishings. I would remember what was mine, but I think she wouldn't and would get mad if I tried to take "her" stuff.

All that to say, I'm super jealous of your dollhouse! And the lighting! I never got lighting. But isn't it fun to look at all the wallpaper and flooring? I still remember that first time going into a store that was dedicated to dollhouses, I was in such awe. I don't even know if such stores exist anymore.