Friday, October 30, 2020

What gear do you REALLY need to get out and walk or run??

 I have been really working to try to be more active in the past weeks.  As I have done so I was reunited with my enjoyment of running and I had the opportunity to pull out old familiar gear and to buy some other new gear! It was a fun time!   It really highlighted the fact that we don’t need fancy new things and the best of everything to get out and exercise.  I will be sharing   with you what I started with and how I have evolved! When I first

The Gear I used when I started to Run

When I first decided to start running way back in 2013 (give or take), I did not start with much equipment or gear.  I literally laced my feet into whatever tennis shoes I had in the house and I went outside.  I carried my cell phone in my hand for the first few runs and I used the headphones that came with my cell phone to convey the music to my ears.  I had nothing fancy and that is all I needed.  There was no excuses about why I couldn't run because I didn't have what I needed.  I literally went out wearing my normal clothes and using everyday items that I had around the house!  There is no need for fancy gear!

After just a few runs, I did decide to purchase an arm band to hold my cell phonewhile I ran.  It seemed like a great decision.  I didn't pay a whole lot of money for my purchase (I believe I may have purchased it at 5 Below)  and it was the perfect piece of gear and the only extra thing I purchased for quite some time!

The Upgrades to My running Gear Begins

I didn't really set out to upgrade my running gear.  It happened quite naturally and painfully.  Yes, pain came a calling in the guise of Plantar's Fasciitis.  It was no fun and it really put a damper on running.  I went to the doctor and received my diagnosis.  I was determined to get it under control naturally.  So I started to read.    One of the first things that I read was that wearing shoes with poor support and broken and old support is a big contributing factor to plantar's fasciitis.  Uhhh ohhh!   I had been running with whatever tennis shoe I grabbed first and let me tell you, they were old!    

I learned a very valuable lesson that day.   The ONLY thing to worry about in terms of gear is your shoes!  Buy a good pair and replace them frequently!!!!!!   I began to wear the Asics Cumulous running shoe.  I would be honored if you tried them and said that they were the most fabulous shoe.  But I am going to advise you to instead try on different shoes and find the one that works best for your feet!  And then replace them frequently!!!!  Learn from my errors!

My two favorite  Purchases for Running and Walking

When I talk about gear for running and walking my two absolute favorite purchases are my Aftershokz headphones and my Run Buddy.  If you have been reading this website for a while, you will probably know what is coming because I have talked about these two things on quite a few occasions.   

The Aftershokz bone conducting headphones are the most amazing thing!   When I started to run I used the ear buds that came standard with my phone.  They worked but the buds never stay in my ears properly.  When I run or walk I am always fiddling around and replacing one or the other of the ear buds.  I started to think about replacing then with something different and in the fall of 2014 I found what I was looking for.  I found the bone conducting wireless headphones from Aftershokz.  This things are fabulous!  I can hear all that is going on around me, so I am not in my own bubble unaware of my surroundings.  The sound is great.  The quality of sound is wonderful and they are NOT IN MY EARS, which means that they don't fall out and I don't have to constantly fiddle with them when I run!!!

The last thing is my Run Buddy.  I absolutely love this!!   100% recommend it to anyone!   I bought this to replace my armband that I talked about earlier in this post.  The arm band cell phone holder worked for me.  But I was never totally happy with it.  I am overweight and my arms are larger.  The armband seemed to cut into my arm, uncomfortably so.   If I wanted to change something on my phone....check my stats.....turn off the music....or take a picture (the most important thing...right?).  I had to practically stop running to get the band off my arm and to remove the cell phone.  Hooking everything back up was just as cumbersome!  So when I stumbled upon the Run Buddy and read a bit about it, I KNEW that I had to have it!  It is absolutely amazing!  Seriously, I love this thing so much that when I thought I lost it, I went out and bought a new one! (So yes, I have two now!)    It is basically a pouch that has a flap that goes inside your pants.  The pouch has magnets and the flap has magnets and it holds tight.  I have NEVER had a problem (except that one day when I was wearing pants that were too big and the weight of the run buddy and my phone pulled my pants down mid I do not jest...that really happened).    This thing is incredible!  

Running And Walking Gear

This post goes to show.  I started to run with next to nothing.  Sure, I upgraded a few items that I love.  But they were convenience items.  We can walk.  We can run.  We can get out and exercise without all those fancy trappings.  We just need to get out and do it!!!!


peppylady (Dora) said...

I think most important gear is a good mind set and accountibilty.
Stay Safe and Coffee is on

MaryFran said...

I agree 100% on the mindset being important!!!

Anonymous said...

The only special item I would suggest to someone who wants to begin running is investing in a good pair of running shoes. Anything else is simply fluff. Running is one exercise that truly changed my body.i carry my weight from the gut to the thighs and it has helped.

Paula C

MaryFran said...

I agree! Shoes are necessary to not rip up your body. The other stuff is just extraneous and doesn’t help your running. It is just nice bonuses to make it a bit Ellen’s annoying and or enjoyable!

Mary said...

I don't run with music or my phone but one of the best purchases I made were spikes for winter running. I like nanospikes from Kahtoola but there are lots of kinds. No more fear of ice.

Lynn said...

I started running in 1978! Hehe. We wore sweatpants and sometimes long johns with shorts over them. I had the first pair of lycra running tights in my town! I had to get them custom made. I think I have a new blog post idea!

MaryFran said...

Hahaha! As I was reading I was thinking, I want to hear about what people said in your town when you showed up wearing running tights!!!!!