Monday, October 12, 2020

Post Vacation Weigh in! YIKES!

 Vacation is over....even though my mind is clearly on vacation!  (Thus the late time for posting this entry!)  We had a great time.  Stay tuned for a post with some amazing pictures and a recap of our time!!!!   But here is the question that is probably lurking in your mind.  How did she do with her weight loss efforts over vacation?   

Ok, maybe you weren't wondering how I managed my food and eating over vacation.  Maybe you don't care what I weigh.  But guess what?  I'm gonna tell you anyway!  (Yup, I get a bit feisty after vacation apparently!).

Eating on Vacation

I tracked nothing!  Not a single bite of food was tracked!  Nope.  Didn't do it!  I didn't even attempt!  Ok, honestly, I had no plans to track.  I wanted to sit back and just live and enjoy!   So there was not tracking.  There WAS a serving of some sort of dessert each night!  (ohhh can I say amazing peanut butter pie??!))   

  I would usually eat leftovers for breakfast and by mid morning we were out the door and in nature.  So we would throw trail mix and granola bars in our backpacks which we would nibble on while we were out and about.  Then for dinner we ordered from restaurants (and dessert too).  So I basically ate 2 full meals and one snack.  

We walked.  Boy did we ever walk!  One of the hikes included a staircase that contained 821 steps (that is the equivalent of about a 42 floor skyrise!), we climbed up and down mountains.  We also did the 200 steps to the one overlook (chump change after the 821 steps!).  We moved each day!  Even the 'light day' where I was in freakish misery from the aches and pains in my legs from those steps we were out hiking...just easier trails.  By the way, the stairway to hell climb?  That was actually my  favorite hike!  We actually talked about doing it again at the end of the week!

I was just hoping and praying that my hiking and movement would negate those desserts!

Fear about Stepping on the scales after vacation

I was so nervous to step on the scales after vacation!  I knew that I was probably a bit dehydrated.  I also knew that I was still having some muscle soreness (muscles retain water while they heal!)  And I know that I did enjoy each bite of those desserts!  But I had to face the music.  So the first morning after our return I stepped on the scales!

I gained!  OK, I expected it!  But honestly, I am soooooo tickled that it was ONLY 3 pounds!   That very well could be water retention!   Even better, I am determined to turn this ship around!  It's a new day....a new week....a new chance to live healthy!

And just a preview of our is a picture!


peppylady (Dora) said...

Isn't wonderful when the scales aren't all that cruel.

MaryFran said...

Yes it is!!!!

Mary said...

I find after a week or so of intense exercise I can weigh more. There is a lag. You should see a downward trend soon. I just had four days off and it reminded me that someday I will take a real vacation again!

SANRDJ said...

Glad you enjoyed your vacation. Look forward to the pics!

Amy said...

I love that photo and can't wait to see more! I do believe the non-scale victories are more meaningful in life. A trip full of views and memories and time spent with loved ones...that all matters more than the number on the scale. I'm glad you really enjoyed yourself and didn't let the diet mentality override your good time. Instead of the scale vicotry I will applaud your ability to enjoy life!
Have you had your arches looked at/ treated? It would be worthwhile since you are so active. You don't want an injury that will sideline you, that can lead to depression.

Tiffany said...

The picture is just beautiful I dont know how you came back I would have wanted to stay.

Lynn said...

Ok, peanut butter pie? I'm intrigued. Also, looking forward to some actual days off if this fire season ever ends. I miss hiking (although I managed to sneak a couple hikes in recently).

MaryFran said...

I am hoping! Right now I’m still trending higher!!!

MaryFran said...

They are up!!!

MaryFran said...

I haven’t had my feet looked at recently. I was diagnosed with plantars years ago...and have just dealt with it for years...and usually I can manage it...except for this summer apparently!

MaryFran said...

It was soooooo difficult to come back!!! Believe me!!

MaryFran said...

Fire season should be ending soon right???

Peanut butter pie...creamy and cold...usually a graham cracker crust and with whipped cream on top.