Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Historical Hiking

 It is no secret that I love history.  So when we hike somewhere where there is history involved, I love it!   Such was the case with our hike on Sunday!   We hiked a side trail up to a ridge and the Appalachian Trail.  It was a great hike. 

Return to the scene of the Hiking Crime

We last hiked this trail on January 1 of this year.  That day, almost 11 months ago was a great day for hiking.  It was cold, but not overly so.  The trail was well trafficked but not annoyingly so.  It was the first time we had hiked in quite some time.   I was tired and winded going up, but coming back down my legs were so wobbly.  And yes, that was one of the tumbles (aka falls) that I took while hiking earlier this year.  That was actually the first fall.  I was embarrassed and a bit sore but thankfully not seriously hurt.  

SO it was with some laughter (and maybe fear) that I walked this trail again!  We talked about my previous swan dive each time we crossed that stupid rock crossing/stream too!   Jason cautioned me to go slow and be careful, which I did!  But this time I had my trusty trekking poles (Amazon Affiliate link) and there was no problem!  I zipped right across.  


A Wee bit of History

Every time we hike this trail we are so intrigued by the fact that there once stood an old hotel at the top of this rocky and steep trail.   It just blows our minds!  We have tried numerous times to look for information and come up with very little.   What we can find is absolutely fascinating!  I have written a post about the history (what we know if it) on my second website, Belief in Living. (There is a link to the youtube video I put up about it on that website also if you are interested.)  

Black Rock Hotel (c 1920)

We also discussed and pondered the two men who have trails and a campsite named after them.   I'm telling you....chock full of history!   For me, when I can occupy my mind with fascinating thoughts, like history, I kind of forget that I'm hiking.  And that is when I don't feel pain or tired!   That is a perfect hike in my book!

The actual hike on Thurston Griggs and the Appalachian Trail

The hike up the Thurston Griggs trail was rocky and steep, but that was expected.  Ironically enough, it wasn't my legs that got me.  It was my cardio endurance.  It was my lungs and my breathing!  I duly noted my weak spot and have vowed to work more on building my cardio strength!

Once we got to the top of the Thurston Griggs trail, we roamed around the Pogo Campsite a bit. Jason has vowed that we will be buying that tent that we need and camping SOON. I have a feeling we will be trying out our new tent at the Pogo Campsite.  (The hike up Thurston Griggs is one of our favorites and probably the most frequently hiked trail that we have done since we have been together). 

After roaming the primitive campsite a bit, we headed north on the Appalachian Trail.  Yes, if you are familiar with the area, you are probably wondering why we didn't head south.  After all Black Rock was only a short distance away and the Annapolis Rock overlook just a mile or two further than that.  Both of them offer fabulous views.  But you see, we had driven by the parking lot for the trailhead that was closest to Annapolis Rock and it was overcrowded.  I knew that there were a lot of people on the trail and we like trails that are less travelled.  In essence, we want the woods to ourselves!   So we went the way that we figured would be less populated.  

It was probably less populated, but there were still a lot of people out and about!  Was it due to the nice weather?  Was it due to the never ending pandemic?  Was it some weird uprise in fitness?  I don't know.  I just know that I'll be searching for less populated trails for our next hikes!!!

All in all, it was a good hike.  My legs felt tired and I did have one small ache in my left knee when we were done but I felt strong and feel like I did pretty good.  I am loving my new hiking boots and my hiking pants...both great purchases!  Best of all, Jason and I were together and able to enjoy the splendor of nature!


jen said...

Those trekking poles must be your 100% best go girl, another victory !!

Lynn said...

Historical stuff on trails is interesting! And yes there still are lots of people in the woods!

MaryFran said...

I am so happy with my decision to purchase the trekking poles! I would recommend them to anyone with no hesitation!!!

MaryFran said...

I am happy that people are being active...but I want them to disappear!!!!

Nancy Smith said...

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