Monday, July 27, 2020

Weekly Weigh Results and the word ONLY

Where does time go???  It feels like I was just reporting  my weigh in results last week and here we are on another week!!!!!  

Worried about my weigh In results

This week was rough.  I was worried and stressed about it from the very beginning.  I was worried because I broke from my internet fasting to go to breakfast on Saturday.  Even though I broke from my fasting schedule, I still kept my calories in check...but I did have pancakes for some extra complex carbs!     I made a pasta salad to have with our grilled dinner on Saturday night.  That pasta was delicious!  I swore it would be a one and done thing for me.  BUT, I got into the pasta salad at least 3 times for my lunches.  Once again, I stayed within my caloric range!  I SHOULD have been ok.  However, I was worried!

You see, I know from past experience that if I have too many complex carbs.....potatoes, bread, pancakes and pasta then I typically don't lose weight!  I've talked about it for years.  As early as 2006, my first year of this channel I was talking about 'lessons learned' in regards to carbohydrates!  

I have also been  a wee bit thirsty and the female scourge may be upon me shortly so I worried about dehydration and water retention.  But those are excuses...I was trending the same weight all week long on the scales so any worry was not due to water retention!

The Weigh in Results

So, what were the results?  How did I officially do???

This week I showed a loss on the scales.  Thank heavens it was a loss!  It was a loss of 0.6 pounds.  So just about a half of pound gone from my body!   I have to admit.  I was a bit disappointed.  I ate within my calorie range.  I kept my calories at about 1300 calories.  I SHOULD have seen a nice number on the scales.  That was a lot of work for a measly half pound wasn't it?  

But then reality hit me.  Oh yes, it was 'only' a half pound loss.  But how many weeks (especially recently) had I been posting gains? Quite a few if I want to be totally honest with myself!   How many weeks had I only been halfway attempting to lose weight.  Talking big but eating even bigger?   Way too many!  How many weeks had a squeaked by with a maintain????   Lots!   Sooooo, having a loss, even if it is "ONLY" a half pound is still a victory!

Plans for the Upcoming Week

First and foremost, I shouldn't have anything that upsets my intermittent fasting schedule this week!  Secondly, I will be a WHOLE lot more diligent about my intake of complex carbs!!!!  I know that is what caused it. And since I know what the problem is, I know how to fix it!  Here is to a fabulous weigh in for next week!!!


*Stained Glass Butterfly* said...

I had gains for so many weeks in a row, I was getting excited with the weeks that I maintained. While maintaining is better than gaining, I knew I was getting mediocre results because of mediocre efforts. I am making more adjustments this week and really want to set the stage for my own success!

MaryFran said...

Thank you so much for those words! I had a slip up the last few days...we went hiking and I was ravenous and gave in to the hunger...of course on the not healthy stuff! And the scales show it already! Thanks! I needed your words!!!!!

Sarah said...

A loss, no matter how small, is a step in the right direction. I think you're doing a great job! You have me beat in all categories: food, exercise, water, motivation. I've stopped the fasting and am trying a protein breakfast around 9:30-10:00 am. It seems to be holding off all the afternoon cravings (so far lol).

Anonymous said...

You are doing great. A loss is a loss. They all contribute to the end result. I have been sticking to my IF plan. Sometimes I still eat too much, but I am working on changing that. I want to lose the weight once and for all.

Paula C