Wednesday, June 17, 2020

More maintaining

I am still maintaining.  I would love to say that I’m losing, but it is a maintain. 

It’s frustrating.

I sometimes feel like a failure for not losing.

I know I know.  I can’t let these feelings overtake me.  I can’t let my frustration overwhelm me because if I do, it will derail me.   I know that I’m still here so this is not a failure.  

We have continued to walk after I get off work each day.  However, I have been super busy on my breaks from work and have not started the bike rides.   I have also been trying to really rest to let the heel (plantar fasciitis) heal.   There is a reason for the crazy busy and the drive to heal as fast as possible but I’m not going to get to that in this post!

I have seemingly developed a nasty case of poison.  Both legs have some spots...knees down.  (The left leg near my ankle is the’s oozing and just nasty!).   And I have also developed a spot on my neck.  How fun....not!

My eating.  I’ve been actually pretty good with this.  Have I been perfect?  Well of course not.  Have I restricted and pulled my numbers down to where I should be?  Absolutely.  (and that is why I’m frustrated because I should be dropping weight!) 

You can see on this graph that my eating hasn’t been bad! 

I’m not letting it deter me though.   I am making healthier choices.


Amy said...

That is so frustrating when the scale doesn't move even when you are doing everything right! Do you take a probiotic? Just wondering because some people do have a gut link to having difficulty losing weight and it would be a relatively easy thing to try. Also, I just heard about a coffee called Elevate coffee that is supposed to help with hormonal weight gain. I have not looked into it yet but someone in a menopause group I'm in mentioned it and a bunch of others chimed in saying it is amazing stuff.
Hope you heal quickly!

Anonymous said...

I can totally understand. I want to be in maintenance only after I get to goal, NOT when i am in the losing phase. I know we must stay the course. It is impossible to not become discouraged. I have said it before, but have you had your thyroid tested? Perhaps you have hypothyroidism. Near impossible weight loss is one of the many symptoms. Sorry to hear of the poison ivy! I used to get it when I was a kid. It is a miserable skin condition to have in summer. Hope you PF & poison ivy is better soon.

Paula C

peppylady (Dora) said...

Graft is interesting.

MaryFran said...

Oh I didn’t think about the probiotic....and I will look into the hormonal thing...that sounds quite interesting!

MaryFran said...

I haven’t had my thyroid tested since my last physical which was last September. I’ll have it tested again this September when I go back again for my annual physical!