Monday, April 27, 2020

Weekly Weigh in

I had a good week.  It was full of revelations and thoughts about where I am and what I am doing in this journey.  I had some victories. I had a failure, well maybe not exactly a failure, but not exactly a victory.   But instead of me beating around the bush and hinting at my weight loss efforts for the week, lets just get right to it!

We got a nice hike in at the beginning of this weigh in week.  It was a fun little hike. 
 It had everything to make it spectacular. It had, pretty scenery, some lessons in the types of trees along the trail via the little markers that dotted the edge of the trail and time spent with Jason!  What could go wrong!  Uhhh, maybe my stumble and fall!  Yes, i fell.....AGAIN!  Why must I be such a clutz?   my right arm was bruised and ached for days, but I was ok.  My gopro took a direct hit, but seems to be doing ok also, even though it is also bruised and dinged up!
Work from home continues to be a joy.  Yes, I am thoroughly enjoying the work from home opportunity that I have been afforded during this time of upheaval in our world.  My cat makes it a bit difficult sometimes for me to work.....and seriously, uncomfortable and awkward at times
Ok, she doesn't always try to clean her behind at my desk...while I'm working. Sometimes she just likes to nap between myself and the keyboards and monitors.
My eating has settled down some.  I have been much more conscious and cognizant of my lunchtime eating and have been starting to get that under control.  I have been doing an intermittent fasting and not eating breakfast.  It is a blessing to not have to worry about that extra opportunity to eat and lose control, but I do find myself hungrier at lunch when I do break that fast, so it makes that a bit trickier to navigate.   But I'm going to figure this out!.

I am still working on the "it's only a day" method of looking at food that I talked about in a post from last week.  It really does work for me for the most part.  

My weight.  GRRRRR   I didn't lose.....I actually gained a bit.  I am just kind of maintaining ...about 5-6 pounds up from my most recent lowest weight.  I'm super happy that the gain-fest is over and that I seem to be maintaining  But I want this weight gone, NOW!  

I am ready for this isolation and quarantine to be lifted.  I enjoy being at home.  I enjoy the time with Jason, as always.  But I am tired of the restrictions of what we can do and where we can go.  Ohhh to go into an antique store and just browse.  How fabulous does that sound about now????   A walk through the mall on a rainy day??   WHy yes please!      Ahhhhh, the things we used to take for granted!

So life continues on.  I am still here and working my weight loss efforts.  I know that I can beat this!  Baby steps and small improvements on attitude  and habits each and every day is what will get me there!!!   I will win this!!!!


Shelley said...

I am with you on missing being able to get out and go where ever I want. Hoping we all will regain some of that, safely, in the near future.

peppylady (Dora) said...

With this change and we all have to get into a new routine. I am still in the work force. Personal care givers are essentials. But my clients other service has been cut.

MaryFran said...

I am confident that it will come....I just fear how long it’s going to take!!!

MaryFran said...

I am still considered essential also since I work in the pharmaceutical industry. Luckily I can be essential at home on my computer!