Monday, March 09, 2020

Can I just throw the scales away

Another week...where does time go???  It’s nuts!!!  We had another fabulous week!  

**We got in a hike and I walked on my lunch break every day but one!!!  We even got an evening walk in one day!  Go me!    

**My eating...that was pretty good!!!! 

** I took time to actually work on my hobby of dollhouses!  And just found that I enjoyed those few minutes each night!  In a way it’s good because so much of what I am doing is completing one step and then waiting for the glue/paint or whatever to dry!  So the 20-30 minutes a night of working on the dollhouse is perfect!!!

**I am even posting some videos of my dollhouses and projects on my YouTube channel!  I have thoroughly enjoyed that!!!  Mainly because it is giving me a visual of my work that even if I change/upgrade or no longer have the dollhouse, I will still have the memory!  The most recent video upload is the building of one of my dollhouses.  And of course I am starting to once again post on my blog for miniatures!! 

** As for my weight...I gained a half pound.  Pretty much I wiped away my loss for last week!  I am exactly where I was two weeks ago!

So that was my week!  This upcoming week is going to be rough for weight loss!!!  Really rough!!!


*Stained Glass Butterfly* said...

Just looking at all of those pieces for the dollhouse stressed me out! I like the idea of a dollhouse that mounts to the wall, though.

Shelley said...

Well you probably know I have nothing good to say about scales, so I won't say anything, LOL. But your dollhouse finds, OMG. SO FREAKING CUTE!!!

Mrs Swan said...

Sooo cute on that new furniture! I love the dining room table set!

The dollhouse-- just WHOA on that project. That is like a 10k puzzle on crack.

MaryFran said...

It saves so much space!!! (When it’s hung!!)

MaryFran said...

Yes...the scales have got to be straight from the devil!!

MaryFran said...

My fingers are so fumbly sometimes with the dollhouse that it does feel like a puzzle!!