Friday, November 22, 2019

What a week!

This week was a rough one!    I just wasn’t mentally in the mind game of losing weight!   I fear what the scales are going to say!

So why was this week rough? start off.   That large weight gain that I feel was largely unwarranted really threw me for a loop and I kinda threw up my hands and said ‘I just don’t care’.   Luckily for me I didn’t totally stop caring...but it was bad enough!   I ate more food then I should have!  I ate mode junk than I should have!   I just stopped caring!  Luckily that mindset only lasted half of the week!  But it was enough I’m sure!   So yeah, I had a bit of a vacation from weight loss this week.

On Thursday my work had our annual thanksgiving dinner.  The company has the main portion of the meal catered and we bring (are supposed to’s crazy how many people don’t feel the need to participate) the desserts and drinks!   I feel as if I did pretty good with my choices...but I did indulge in a bit of dessert!  

Exercise?   It’s cold!!!!   We didn’t do ANYTHING active over the weekend!   I didn’t run after work....but I have a valid reason for not running!    There was some ‘incident’ at our apartment complex!  It was bad enough that they put flyers on all of our doors and sent us all emails advising us that there was an incident and that we need to be aware of our surrounds...uhhhhh ok!  Oh and then it threw in a sentence saying ‘don’t open the door to strangers either’. It was a very could have been any nefarious act!  Jason’s comment was that he wished they gave us a bit more we knew exactly where to be extra vigilant.   Meanwhile...we are in the early stages of pondering getting an exercise bike/spin bike for our house...something to help progress our biking skills/endurance and keep us active this winter.   Problem is...I just bought a car and I’m a bit tighter on my money right now.  Hmmm. So I’m looking at some of the cheaper alternatives to the good ones.   Because sure...if I could afford the peloton bike or Nordic track one...I would certainly go with those!  But....

I have walked outside on a few days during my lunch that’s a plus!!!   

I haven’t given up.  I just hit a bump in the road.  This is part of the journey to lose weight.  And the fact that I got back up and started to care again after my vacation from losing weight is the victory!   I’m still in this game baby!!!!


Shelley said...

Weight loss isn't completed in one week, so in the grand scheme of things, an off week occasionally is nothing to worry about. And honestly, with all the extra celebrating happening this time of year, it's a miracle if anyone keeps their mind straight 100% of the time.

Also, how scary to receive partial information on an incident at your apartment complex!! I wonder if there's a police report you might be able to find to get more details...any case, I hope the bad guy has run off and you guys stay safe!

Anonymous said...

Rowing machine?? I have an ancient one that I love, unlike the treadmill that I have a love/hate (mostly hate) relationship. You can get both an aerobic and anaerobic workout on a rower if you do it right...

Anonymous said...

I have been on the struggle bus this past month myself. I have been gaining for the last 4 weeks. I keep telling myself I am going to turn this bus around but I haven’t. But this post reminds me that I had a bad month & I can change it. I am not giving up. Sometimes it just gets to me that the process is so slow for me. I am really good about getting movement in but eating?? That’s a completely different animal. I know we both are capable of losing the weight. We both have gotten to goal in the past. That alone is proof we CAN do it. Thanks for reminding me to not give up on myself.

Paula C